Illuminati – The Music Industry Exposed [Full]




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  1. China White says:

    This is a wonderfully put together video. Thank you guys! -I loved every minute of it!

  2. Capeau says:

    Clearly this video was made by a complete idiot who doesnt even try to understand what was meant with the lyrics…

  3. Amira Sarwar says:

    The video was taken down??

  4. agree with roni roni!

  5. Ningus says:

    Fuck man I really feel for Em and X. Hopefully they can get out of this without dying before their time is up.

  6. Didnt they say something about the number 11 in the beginning? Hollywood news.. Robin Williams died on August 11th

  7. dude…this illuminati shit,is retarded…so you're saying all the way down from the owner of the record label to the fucking studio engineer is in on this shit? and music video editors? directors? all these,people? that's just fucking shy of,being completely and,utterly full of shit.

  8. Ian Leipper says:

    For a complete record from the government and our international community, you can serve a civil subpoena duces tecum upon a court of justice in accordance with the instructions provided on my facebook profile, starting at the top of the wall and working through each post and reply. Help hold the politicians accountable with discovery and make some money as reparations for civil violations against you and your communities:

  9. Nate McCoy says:

    Ok so I'm gonna be making observations on this entire video just to make it clear this is stupid. Number one every rapper makes a reference to making it rain because they make money. And if that's enough to believe in this idea, then Shawn Kemp must be the NBA illuminati man right. Cuz he the rain man

  10. Nate McCoy says:

    2nd do none of u know what that eye is? It's the eye that oversees the world. it's part of the Egyptian faith.

  11. Nate McCoy says:

    I'm guessing whoever made this isn't of the Christian faith. Because Christ said to follow him u must carry your cross. that's why people wear it

  12. Dani D says:

    I saw this movie when it came out. I know it's old, but for those who might watch it today, forget the Jungian New Age psychological information within it. Jung was a mason as was Darwin for that matter. Yes, a person can be possessed by demons, which is why they have you get into yoga, meditate, refrain from eating meat, chant, empty your mind etc etc. All open doors to allow more demons in.
    The part about the Bible and Torah being real books of God is true, but the quran is not and never will be. It contradicts the Bible and Torah in too many ways to get into in youtube comments, if you're smart, go do research. Don't fall for the atheist lie that the Bible has been changed and manipulated and definitely don't fall for the lie of Constantine and council of nicea. The council wouldn't let constantine make changes to the Bible, well, majority vote, he wanted to add his pagan beliefs into it to bring the belief system and the pagan religion together, he followed both. He did however, manage, to incorporate pagan holy days with Biblical stories and create false holidays using Mary the Mother of Jesus who wasn't even a central figure in the Bible in place of the pagan "queen of heaven" and her son. He made the pagan celebrations seem "harmless". Kind of like people do to this day, Christmas, Easter, halloween… He created the parallels against the Word of the Bible and the lies persist to this day. The real version of the Bible is still perfect and man cannot change it no matter how hard he tries. He can write his own books, and Constantine and his followers did. Just as satanists have their own books, his did too.

  13. cette fille says:

    nicely put together! … really enjoyed it!…gonna share

  14. placehood says:

    This doc is dumb as fuck 

  15. Em's rap in the at the 1:41:00 ish part of the video is just cold. Ice cold.

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  19. Lesa Love says:

    scary scary stuff but valuable information.alot of us are ?

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