Illuminati & The Music Industry in 2013 ( part 1 and 2 )


Illuminati and the music industry in 2013 Illuminati took over the music industry ? Follow us on Twitter : .


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  1. mocro555 says:

    Believe me! The illuminati really exists. They use celebrities as they're puppits to spread they're satanic agenda.Because celebrities have lot of influence nowadays. They want to brainwash our kids. Making our kids believe in them and forget god and word of god. They want to make us all believe that this world is everything and there will be nothing after this. They want to make us believe that what you have in this world is very important.They want to infect us with matrialism and want us to follow they're satanic ways. They are trying to penetrate in all groups of society.People open youre eyes! Spread the words and never forget the creator of the heavens and earth

  2. linda lynn says:

    I believe in God

  3. Ja Butch says:

    west and kim are just lowlifers that have money no class and had to suck and fuck to be famous she is a disgrase to be armaianher whole family are the bigesr whores and sluts there money is dirty sex money may the lord have mecy on there souls bunch of skanks

  4. Ja Butch says:

    she sucked a big dick to be famous just a whore

  5. Ja Butch says:

    wako jako is a childmolester he is burning in hell now.. let the motherfucker burn for what he did to all those little boys burn in hell motherfucker !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. so basically your saying everyone who is very rich and famous sold their soul to the devil?
    You ever thought some people can be extremely talented and and creative….(side note Dont reply to me i didnt ask for your opinion)

  7. LiLKK123451 says:

    WOW this is a legit, serious video about illuminati and not one of those ones where it's just a joke where it doesn't even make sense, like when people are like "OMG, A PIECE OF BREAD CUT INTO A TRIANGLE!! ILLUMINATI CONFIRMEDD!!" X'D

  8. Lea Stretch says:

    That "demonic suit" is modeled after a motorcycle. Are motorcycles satan too?

  9. Ken Brome says:

    i KNEW thats why I dont like her……………..I always loved the wholesome old school musicians like Freddie Mercury, Elton John, Pet Shop Boys and I almost forgot Boy George,………….and dont forget Prince,………………………see wholesome old fashion musicians…………………..

  10. I always felt "You Can't Win" didn't fit with that part of "The Wiz".

  11. Marcus Minor says:

    i love god hate tge devil

  12. Lucy Xie says:

    Please tell me this is a hoax

  13. the Israel and illuminati they are two faces of one coin and the people is Brian washed by the media

  14. Fathima 64 says:

    i don t care i know i am diffrent religion but i am part of god no facking illuminati i love all god no illuminati who else

    if yu do like illuminati GO TO HELLL

  15. When Michael says, "That was someone else", he is actually admitting that 'something' was done to a child, but it wasn't him that did it. These are the words of a child who had his mind fractured at a young age by pedophelia. Typically pedophiles often have an AOA (Age of Attraction) that coincides with their first pedophile rape.

  16. K1ngCraft says:

    You all be fighting about religion. When you should all work together to open your eyes on this kinda stuff.

  17. I get it but why are you using quotes from the Bible or A.K. A the Ghost Spell or The Book of the Dead and Blood sacrifice as if this Book or Religion is innocent of Billions of Blood sacrifices

  18. Who is the Most High

  19. The Same Spell Used In the Churches…All manner of Evil has been done in the Name of Jesus Read the HIS STORY …Jesus is half Naked and Bloody proof of a God That requires Sex and Blood. Why would a GOD of LOVE crucifix anyone or anything accept it BE the SAME GOD that also requires BLOOD and SEX

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