Illuminati wall Border,Donald Trump And Martial Law Connections


Donald Trump Illuminati?Is Donald Trump Illuminati? This is part 2 about Donald Trump’s Wall,Illuminati & Martial Law Connections …


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  1. Thanks for this new info,everything controll by zionist.

  2. HIFI man says:

    No one ever had to tell me. I just knew at an instant that I just couldn't stand the looks of Trump. His image annoys me to no end, in EVERY way, in ANY of his pictures. No one EVER had to tell me.

  3. Ed Rico says:

    This may be the dumbest video ever. He has zero chance to win the election against the democratic machine of Hilary and Bill Clinton

  4. AwesomeNinja says:

    The longer the criminals in government are in power the more freedoms we lose and the country comes closer to becoming a fascist dictatorship. Now is the time to wake people up and now is the time to take action. People are tired of having their liberties stomped over and tired of their rights thrown away for the sake of corporate greed. The elitist run establishment, corrupt politicians and feds are our enemy. The federal government is becoming a corporate controlled police state where the 1%'s word is law. They poison the food and water supplies, they throw the economy out of balance with corruption, they take over the world's governments and militaries for political dominance and force the new world order upon us then laugh in our faces. These elitist and globalist criminals in power are making it their mission to destroy society through the economy and politics. We have to spread the message to everyone we know and get them to wake up NOW.

  5. Are you put the web motherfucker the itching but not the man with the little car now

  6. every country has to be independent!

  7. noname123 says:

    this guy is a shill..he starts off with something stupid by saying the flashlight is a pentagram..then tries to get all serious…SHILL EXPOSED

  8. Build that wall!!
    Build that wall!!
    Build that wall!!

    Trump for President 2016!!
    Make America Great Again!!

  9. Tony Lewis says:

    the walls not to keep them out its to keep us in they want you to want it so it isn't strange your caged when things begin to erupt

  10. Wow. That's not even a pentagram. Dumb. Why are you a waste of space?

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