illuminati Will Collapse American Dollar And US Economy 2016 ( trump VS Hillary) Must Share


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  1. please run & don't walk but visit these 2 websites immediately! Love & Blessings, gemgirl &

  2. Clinton Soon we'll liver cut out and his head cut off! USA is the main terrorist! I'm going to kill Americans whenever and wherever! Obama is a black monkey!

  3. That's not true. If you gave it for free, you would have milions of viewers and got the money you deserve. this is just another scam. period. You see your information , if they make a lot of sense, you would get a lot of money just from the interested visitors.

  4. Alan Nichol says:

    Please.Please Win This Election.If That Nutter Trump Wins We Will All Get Fucked While He Lines His Pockets With Tax Payers Money.This Wall He Talks About Who Gets The Contract To Build It? Him.He's Going To Line His Own Pocket With Millions And Millions.Every Country On The Planet Knows What He's About.Hillary May Not Be Perfect But We Will All Sleep Safer In Our Beds At Night.Think Very Very Carefully About Trump Because You Can't Change Your Mind The Next Day.


  6. Oh, how original…  talking about the financial meltdown that is mathematically inevitable, and then selling your "ideal" solution….  just like 500 other guys with the exact same knowledge and information.  Yeah…

  7. Grey Matter says:

    For reals? Only $37 and I will find the golden egg? I've got my own solutions, reasoning and mind. And none of them involve giving away my hard earned money to unoriginal, fear mongering scam artists. Good effort, though. I must admit, I don't have the patience, focus nor desire to construct such an elaborate sales pitch.

  8. Gabriel Soto says:

    But wait! There's more! Bully Mayes here……

  9. When Trump wins expect that US dollar to collapse the day after because the people in control right now will wreck it on purpose.

  10. source2112 says:

    I wondered when the pitch was coming….I could tell this had to be an advertisement….but it was well disguised as informative video.

  11. Afia Huq says:

    though hillary is famous,donald is more competent on every matter.

  12. Afia Huq says:

    i am not a student of econmics but i know surely trump will be better than hillary on this issue.she uses boring repeated vocabulary to impress donkeys .she is only good at it.

  13. XPopCornX says:

    This is all an ad for a shitty ebook. Typical internet marketing scam.

  14. So your out to make a buck off your fellow man too.What makes you any different then the bad guys…I know its because you point your finger at the bad guy.

  15. Forget it Trump is not God and if he is … well he is a evil one of the kind

  16. Mike Chapman says:

    donald trump is not a success. Another researcher did the math and if trump invested his inheritance in index funds, reinvested his dividends and lived off the interest he would be worth aprox 12 billion. WTF is successful about that?

  17. Carlos Ramos says:

    today's the 27th of September 2016… No one around me is crying. Was the date too specific? or is this just wrong?

  18. Carlos Ramos says:

    WOW, 7 min left and still no info…
    "The information you are about to recieve…" HA, now i'm not expecting any.

  19. Carlos Ramos says:

    ooohh, now you want me to join a program…. I can figure things out myself if shit goes down hill. Unlike most people. I've thought about living in the woods away from society figuring out how to do it without money… So yea… I can't believe this is real. If it is then we're all fucked.

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