Illuminati’s WEIRDEST Satanic Ritual 2016 (R$E)


Exposed (2016) Is this the WEIRDEST hidden Satanic Ritual the illuminati have performed?


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  1. TheIAMINU says:

    Oh no , not Aunty Croyst..

  2. Travis-2313 says:

    The dome represents the Firmament….its 2016, get with the program brother! #FlatEarth #ESA:KingsOfPhotoshop #NASA-100%CGI

  3. I2290 LSD25 says:

    what I don't understand is I didn't ask to be born into this world and Christians would have me believe that I can't even die and go back to the way it was before I was born so if I'm not going to make it to heaven I'm destined for hell for eternity like I said I didn't ask to be born and I can't even just go back to nothing after I live my life I have to suffer and be tortured for eternity really? but if I ask Jesus to forgive me someone I've never met I've never seen I've never heard his voice I'm supposed to totally believe in this person I'm supposed to trust him without any question and if I don't I'm going straight to hell to burn burn burn burn that makes so much sense doesn't it?

  4. It is seen in plain sight. Not by enough.
    The more I search the more convinced I Am. Thank you for your work. Whether I like it or not, the reality of our being human on this planet is becoming clearer and clearer. I watched the opening ceremonies of the tunnel in Gotthard (near CERN). If you need more of a display of who is in control of Earth's agenda take a look. It is an insidious production of satanic (Saturn) dominance. I feel sad to have uncovered what I believe to be is true. Sad that human beings have been manipulated and shackled to a life of war, poverty and evil without being aware of the power held over us.
    We must envelop the heart of Love and the truth and beauty of the religion we hold dear whether it be Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddism, the loving side of Judaism and more comforting beliefs, and not be afraid. Live with love. But I want to add, with your eyes open to our life of parallels and opposites. Yes. There is love. There is also evil. What we don't understand is how dominant the dark side is.
    I meditate on and pray for guidance to help broaden this knowledge base in the best way I can. Thank you again for your work. C

  5. FlyHard Tv says:

    that big ass baby was fake ?

  6. 5minutes I realize that this a FLAT EARTH video what bullshit. The earth is hollow not flat. YOU CAB NOT prove flat Earth but there is evidence for hollow Earth.

  7. Saucy DEAN says:

    this post was convoluted at best. I need more research.

    " 15 Then he said to me, “The waters which you saw, where the harlot sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations, and tongues. 16 And the ten horns which you saw on[d] the beast, these will hate the harlot, make her desolate and naked, eat her flesh and burn her with fire. 17 For God has put it into their hearts to fulfill His purpose, to be of one mind, and to give their kingdom to the beast, until the words of God are fulfilled.18 And the woman whom you saw is that great city which reigns over the kings of the earth.”
    Revelation 17

  9. Kay Damiani says:

    we do not need to know any of this shit really. all this will do is give you a social complex disorder. Just read your kjv esv bibles.

  10. ooh the illuminati is sickening it's of the devil

  11. Bill Camara says:

    Or maybe I have a touch more faith in The Almighty who's still on the throne than you do.

  12. I don't like witchcraft and the occult because it's satanic and demonic

  13. TheJesus Man says:

    that audio soundtrack thou omg where can I listen ?

  14. I believe that the biggest or one of the biggest illuminati sacrifices to come is to help save the powers that be and not to just build from which will be destroyed. Things to be destroyed countries and their traditions and laws just to build and set firm the agenda that ties us all to slavery from the illuminati and Isis and Nazi's. We all know what happened in the book of exodus when Egypt was destroyed by God and the Jewish/Hebrew/Israeli people were set free. We also read all the tragedies and catastrophes written in the bible when nations and their leaders disobeyed God and followed after themselves and other gods. What has been done will be done again if we don't change. Babylon took over Israel and put Israel in slavery for 40 years but in the end God kept covenant after He got what He wanted from the people and land. In regards to sacrifices it happened in Egypt prior to Moses being born for another reason but still a sacrifice, it happened just before Jesus was born for the same reason as Egypt but still a sacrifice and He died but raised up, it happened during WWII when hitler was in power with 6 million Jewish people that were killed, and it will happen again before Christ returns. When? When Isis and the Illuminate have succeeded in their plans before all the nations and the nations agree only to their own demise by being blindsided and disobedient. The biggest sacrifice before all is still to come we thought it was only Jesus but no I don't think so. I think it is still to come and that is when we will know and feel the impending downfall of all mankind. It is written in the word that social sins will NOT go unpunished and Jesus is coming for His people probably for that same reason. We may feel that our only hope of survival is to link up with our only hope from we see a man named trump. We thought the same thing with Obama and look how that turned out. The bible says to never put your hope in man because man will fail you but to put your hope in God and He will never fail you. With that said we need to turn our hearts and country back to God. Read The Harbinger its a great description to better understand why a country should return back to God. We see from this video the cracking of time…If no one knows…Nazis created time travel and brainwashing and Egypt became know for serving self and other gods and slavery. Time is in those very things and those who are involved in it and sacrificed from those who oppose it. The biggest sacrifice or should I say sacrifices are still yet to come and no justice will be done and no justice can be done. This causes people to hate their country and lose hope and brings despair and confusion. Where people don't know what to do. The bible speaks of a peace for a time until war and death ensue us. I believe that time is coming and people will be so friendly, living the way they want to, upholding people who are evil and follow after evil just because they think everything is all cool. It will happen and then…Guns taken that is in the works already, people will have some peace the media will portray, some people die or are sacrificed its been happening before our eyes as accidents or terrorist attacks, and then take over. The takeover has already happened in my opinion look at Obama and the music industry we so lust after and mimic or support that is destroying us with false doctrine and satanic/Isis beliefs. It is just a matter of time before they can take the people down. This is hard to do it takes time because there are too many people so method used is by moral decay, the other by using media to steer in and cultivate thoughts and lifestyles, and using media to break down hope and bring in the feeling of hopelessness and defeat and disunity. Racism is a tool and unity of the races by any means even cultivating false or counterfeit religions to power, and segregation or more the unity of gangs in different parts of the world they don't realize it but this too is a tool to dismantle and dethrone a nation or should I say nations. These are Trojan horses NOT just bringing other people to this country for their safety. Don't get to comfortable like we have become and what they expect us to continue to be and uneducated and don't think for one minute people of power can not or will not be removed or sacrificed look at JFK and other world leaders. Hitler and Russian communism was destroyed and the twin towers were knocked down and 6 million jewish people were killed so don't think for one minute ever again that it can't happen to us. Especially, when in Orlando florida a terrorist attack ensued and all they can think about is getting rid of our guns instead of dealing with the real issue of terrorism. If no one knows guns can be made and so can any kind of weapon in your back yard, in your garage, granted it can take a little longer but none the less can be made and bullets. So, to me taking our gun rights is like alcohol prohibition…useless unless your brainwashed/mk ultra mind controlled or have cameras in your face like the chick in resident evil. The chick in resident evil wasn't evil she was a victim but her own hero. I don't think there is nothing wrong in becoming your own hero if you can. But what was around resident evil was evil the dead alive and eating people but it's a play on words for mind brainwashing its like a primer to hate or another example it's like being around a person does drugs and the drug gets inside you because your around it even though you don't take part in smoking it. But just being around it can be a primer to become a drug user addict for HATE by mind manipulation or play on words. WE SHOULD AND CAN BE OUR OWN HEROES  BUT WE NEED GOD AND the power OF GOD to help us to do so. Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the Power and if Jesus is sitting next to the Power than we need Jesus and the Power to help us to do just that. They can't take over country unless were defenseless, detained, and/or mind controlled. That's why martial law will take place either before when Obama uses his executive order power to nullify our second amendment gun rights instead of going after Islamic terrorist groups in America. Martial law is the only way to enslave us but taking our 2nd amendment rights is just a cushion for the inevitable… the fall of America before all the world. When we lose our gun rights that is a sign to all the world your next and you won't be able to stand against it. If America the strongest empire since Egypt couldn't stand you won't either. But it probably wont happen right away because of the mass hysteria. And if they take our gun rights they probably will wait a while before they issue martial law just to see what happens and then they will issue it at some point. Be Ready and Be Prayerful as well as Prepapred.

  15. This video is very informative,my thing is that Holy Bible keeps me occupied learning how to trust and obey the word daily. Some many evil things taken place that sometime they can become a distraction to following Jesus Christ. To all people Romans 10:9

  16. ksoltar says:

    for such a so called secret society everyone seems to know all about them and their secrets and such. sorry i have to say this is some made up bullshit just like the rest of it. a secret society is just that. secret get a clue before buying the videos people put out to see how many lies subscribers and followers they can get. it is all about the advertisement revenue that is made.

  17. halburd1 says:

    fk this was a pile of big steamy shit

  18. This illuminati stuff is crazy talk, yeah there are a bunch of groups out there full of nut bags that follow their fellow nut bag and do a bunch of psycho stuff but that's it. Illuminati shmilumiNOTi.

  19. Marie Joy says:

    awesome video! you are talented man

  20. what does "round saturnseye" stand for ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?

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