Imminent World War III


People, things are moving faster than the governments can control. Alot of VERY BAD THINGS are happening. The drums of World War III are beating louder …


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  1. Love you Brother and thank you for getting the word out..God bless you!!

  2. Bad News For The Masses. Will Join The "Preppers" And The "Militias", Will Learn Tricks To Fools The InGroup Armies

  3. which video by denoon shows the safe zones? link please?

  4. Lori Barten says:

    All I can do is prepare, pray and share this video. So that is what I am doing.

  5. Derek Miller says:

    This guy's ahead of the curb. Good to see.

  6. RoseD1st says:

    Post the safe spaces link please

  7. I know it's hard no one wants to see it or hear Wht God is showing us hang in there brother praying for you

  8. you dont even know how much smarter satan is than you man, or even god for that matter, dont worry about it, we'll all be fine

  9. Ennis T Hall says:

    thanks Paul God Bless u brother!!!

  10. The truth of the matter is, the United States military is not fit for fighting a technological super power, such as the Russian Federation. United States military's technology is antiquated. They're still using floppy discs! Anyway… I pray the United States military will be obliterated by Russia. I support the Russian Federation 100%.

  11. I been saying this for years and no one listens until after shit hits the fan and its too late.

    First off I work contract work in communications for DHS and FEMA (radio comms and so on) I do not like working for them but it pays the bills.. Beggers cannot be choosers in the current state of the US job market and economy.
    There has been a priority allocation of new channels on communications systems.

    If your going to get Potassium Iodide you better get it now because the prices is slowly starting to creep up guys.
    This is the ones I got –
    Same ones the DHS and FEMA just got a huge shipment of here last week.

    Nuclear devices is something I know way too much about (I will not go into details other that I was formally trained)

    Your bombs yield determines on the areas of effect,
    If you have a 300 Kt yield (most common in the Russian ICBM MIRV system) airburst you might have fireball radius of about 0.6 Km (Vaporized area, nothing survives here caught outside, not even bacteria), radiation is obviously very high here from the start

    Airblast radius of around 4 km (area where buildings cars, powerlines get damaged this effect weakens as it travels out from ground zero)

    Thermal radiation area of about 7 km is the area where you get burned, 3rd degree is common, things catch fire or melt, water can even boil in a pond in this zone…

    Fallout zones can extend for hundreds of mile east northeast of the detonation in the US, If your west of the detonation fallout from that detonation is of least concern as it is moving away, BUT fallout from another detonation to the west or southwest of you may be of concern.
    So it is IMPORTANT to get a map and mark suspected possible targets in a 300 mile radius of your location and map fallout patterns based off the weather reports of wind direction and speed. You do not have to go into details daily but enough to get a fair idea of where it would be coming from and how long before it reaches you at your location

    Get a Geiger counter or two, I have an old 1960's era Civil Defense yellow counter I restored and converted to use modern rechargeable batteries and works properly as well as a more modern digital counter I just bough for $200 off ebay.. Learn how ti use and read the counter, it does no good to have it and not know what the readings mean..

    Get a portable radio, not only an AM/FM/SW band but also something like a Baofeng UV-5R, UV-B5, or UV-82.. these are dual band tranceivers intended for ham radio use but they do work out of band and have LED lamps on them as well and an FM band receiver. Even if your not a licensed ham you can program these radios to listen and to transmit if there is an emergency on ham frequencies as well as red cross, fema, and other agencies if they are not using a digital format… Overall its just good to have at least a pair for you and someone else in your household for when you go out post attack looking for supplies and news..
    The UV-5R will run your around $20 ea which is a damn good price for anything like this so get a pair of them and a set of extra battery packs and a little solar powered charger system too, for under $100 you can have comms sorted
    Of course this is IF an EMP pre strike does not take place..

    There are a ton of things you can do right now to be prepared and even if a war does not take place, like you said you still have things prepped in case some other emergency comes up..

  12. Dig Dug says:

    hahaha! I hear it all the time 'well it wasn't on the news' for goodness sake whart have we got to do!! The MSM is all to my mind compromised and has been for years. It seemed the turning point in the UK was when Fleet St moved to Docklands under the Murdoch umbrella.

    Re your Iodine talk, I have read in several reports that a lot of the worlds Iodine is not making it to the public outlets as it has been diverted to the military, I'd be v interested to find how available it really is, good vid, subscribed.

  13. Yes we did just go to defcon 3 we are so close to WW111 and if you believe Lame Stream Media you're in the dark!! there has been Military vehicles, weapons movement for a long time but recently heavily people taking video's ect. the signs are here if we can't discern what is coming this is going to be world wide, As a daughter of Yahshua/Jesus I can say prepare and listen to this brother in Christ, his information is vital and needs to be taken to heart I have lots of Potassium Iodine ect and yes get right with Father God.

  14. JustMeDee says:

    Here we sit on the brink of W W 3 planned by the Illuminati to destroy
    Christianity and usher in the time of Lucifer and the "My Bible Can
    Never Change" group refuses to recognize it is coming to pass. Did you
    think they would usher in Lucifer and allow the bible to remain
    unchanged? If you did, you were wrong. Some changes are VERY REAL and
    trust me they will not stop their wicked agenda until the King of Kings
    stands before them.

  15. Larry Medina says:

    I am not on Israeli side. I know they are edom and black slaves are the only people who fit the ancient Hebrew here in Babylon who had their histories destroyed.

  16. according to Natan, the 15 year old Jewish boy who went to heaven, the Gog/magog war started Sept. 2015 with Obama being Gog. so yeah this is bad and it has already started. Thanks for your videos Paul, God Bless you!!!!

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