In Pictures: American Hell in Afghanistan


The American military is losing in Afghanistan, miserably!  This reminds me of Vietnam all over again, only this time, the government and the media are blatantly lying to the American public about the actual number of casualties since 2003.  I don’t believe for one minute that just around 4000 soldiers have lost their lives; I dare say that the real body count is far higher.

The below images are from the Islamic website THE UNJUST MEDIA – some images were too gruesome to post but can be seen at the link if you can stomach it!

THE UNJUST MEDIA also posts daily U.S. and Allied casualties in Afghanistan here – it would be interesting to compare their quotas to the mainstream media reports.

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  1. IH8Zionists says:

    Afghans are the best in warfare, not even the “worlds greatest superpower”can defeat the Afghans. Not just superpowers but also NATO is helping and still no good. Your average nation would have fallen long ago but Afghans are 100 times better than all nations combined.No Arab nation can compare to us we are poor but still can beat your asses.

  2. UNJUST media is blocked in Canada. I can get the site but every image is blocked or removed. Yes the delights of living in a true democracy where only the chosen are heard. Can anyone help me get the imagery please? Or give me some way that they might get through?

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