Inauguration Departures and Arrivals



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  1. karuitha says:

    This is interesting, gone is the carefree Uhuru, man of the people, now is the guarded president with his life now in a bubble. I wish you show the emotional scenes tonight of Kibaki leaving state house for the last time with no police outriders.

  2. djtimwe says:

    But will still enjoy police escort whenever he moves around complete with a convoy of not less than 10 vehicles just as moi does. Rao back to civilian-ship (not fair). 

  3. karuitha says:

    I have seen Moi, he has no police escort he is either on a 2 car convoy or one. 10 cars is not correct. 

  4. djtimwe says:

    Here's ur proof sir watch?v=__MCkIEGr9w

  5. djtimwe says:

    by the way, pia nakuona kwa comments 3 years ago watch?v=__MCkIEGr9w

  6. karuitha says:

    hapo umenipata but my excuse is that he was a state visit to Uganda n from the retirement benefits, he is entitled such escort n security when on official duty as a former head of state. but I doubt he travels like that everyday. remember when he was involved in a rd accident a few yrs ago. he didnt have a convoy.

  7. djtimwe says:

    He did have one from the 2006 accident. In fact the driver of the datsun pickup which collided with his range said he was disrupted by sirens from his escort thus losing control

  8. karuitha says:

    Ok, I get. Thanks for furnishing me with the details. Cheers

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