Incredible Multi-Dimensional Alien Images Discovered


By Dragon Sensei

A bizarre impression left upon the surface of a snowy outdoor trampoline intrigued a reader of Before It’s News, so he snapped a digital photo of it. When he later studied the image he discovered layer upon layer of complicated digitalized pictograms. The images were embedded in the ice crystals. Strangest of all, they seem to document messages from ETs.

The fractal ice crystal images are like crop circles

Images similar to crop circles

The bizarre impressions left overnight on a snow-covered trampoline in back of a house have been overlooked by established UFO researchers. That’s a pity as these images may be more important than any crop circle yet discovered.

The reason for the interpolated images importance is not only a wealth of data locked up in the original image, but in the refracted images that are stacked like a tantalizing tort: layer upon layer of detailed and potentially astounding information.

Crop circles have fascinated UFO investigators for decades. Yet now a man, who discovered what appears to be a UFO visitation in his own back yard during one snowy night, may have discovered fractal embedded messages left behind by an unknown alien intelligence.

Alien intelligence is believed by some to be behind certain crop circle manifestations. While some crop circles are fakes, others may be from unknown origins.

Genuine circles often contain messages hidden in enigmatic geometric patterns or pictograms. All the circles, mostly appearing in wheat or corn or rye fields, are two-dimensional and contain limited information about the earth, space or possible alien intelligences. Some depict warnings.

The information contained in these fractal images are very similar to the best crop circles.

Fractal images can be embedded in crystals

Crystals can store information like a computer hard drive

It’s well-known that crystals have amazing properties. For instance certain crystals like quartz can tune in radio frequencies. Recent studies have also shown crystal deposits may set off earthquakes, create subterranean harmonics, can control coherent light, even store information on frozen lattices of light.

Water too has powerful properties unknown just a few short years ago. Water has a memory within its molecular bonds and experiments have shown that crystallized water (ice) can also retain a mother lode of information for short periods of time.

Now the crystallized water, resting quietly on a trampoline under frigid skies, seems to have had unearthly visitors that left cosmic calling cards behind. Upon analysis the embedded messages are intriguing and a bit ominous.

Crystal skulls contain information too

Like the crystallized water, some of the famous crystal skulls also contain information trapped there for millennia. Some researchers believe that ancient Mesoamerican priests used the skulls to store information, including images, for use in religious ceremonies.

Back in the 1970s several researchers used low-powered lasers to probe the mysteries of a crystal skull. To their astonishment several times the laser light tweaked information buried deep within the crystal revealing images of temples and mountains.

Like the crystal skulls, the crystallized water can retain an image if subjected to certain frequencies of light. If a UFO, hovering above the snow covered trampoline, emitted light waves at the right frequency images might be retained for a short period. It seems that during that period the owner of the house discovered the strange impressions, took the digital photo, and captured the information left behind.

One of the series of fractal images that depicts a suited figure with helmet

Alien existentialism

By its very nature, extraterrestrial intelligence is alien. What can the messages mean? Are they simply like flash cards used to educate young minds? Or are they something more philosophical, something more esoteric in nature? UFOs reek of existentialism. Researchers like Jacques Vallee and others have noted that underlying thread in many UFO cases.

Some of the images seem to illustrate alien forms, others the engineering of star drives. A few are mildly sinister.

Star craft: another bell-shaped image embedded with a rocket-like ship

Could ETs embed information into ice crystals?

Consider the testimony of personnel stationed at Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming. Twice in two weeks a huge UFO was observed hovering outside the perimeter of the base. The base experienced a loss of power. Later, missile technicians discovered that some of the bases’ nuclear missiles had launch codes that were changed.

If technology exists that can accomplish that, then storing some fractal images inside water crystals could be easily accomplished. And by using a software program like Photoshop, fractal interpolation can be used to recreate fractal-encoded images and can be used to increase the display resolution of layered images.

Odd alien creature with insect insignia on chest

Gates of Hell: Extremely ominous image of creature with tentacles on top of demonic head

Man does not behold the face of the Gorgon and live

A chilling alien face stares out from the crystals

If you have a strong mind, study these images intently. But be careful! Weaker minds may experience nightmares as some of the residual impressions may influence dreams.

The face of the mythical Gorgon could not be viewed directly without turning to stone. Like the Gorgon, some of the alien images present a clear and present danger.

Two images juxtapositioned create a 3D layered image

X-ray view: weird being seems to be piloting craft

Who really knows what alien information might be passed through these disturbing images into the human subconscious? Some of the images may direct autonomous actions, bend thought processesmaybe even work like computer worms drilling deep into the cortex of the brain to take subtle control.

The images may even prepare observers for future contact. Contact with advanced, emotionless aliens may prove terrifying.

Prehistoric ‘ancient astronaut’ art depicts similar beings

Cave art and figurines from thousands of years ago have also recorded the sightings or interactions with unworldly beings. Many appear eerily similar to the digital images embedded in the ice crystals.

Cave painting such as the two above have been written off by anthropologists as ceremonial garb worn by primitives or depictions of certain pagan gods. But why do “gods” need helmets and wear pressure suits?

One image taken from the ice crystals is almost exactly like an extraterrestrial described by witnesses in a 20th Century UFO case. The fractal ice crystal image is a close match to this re-creation of an alien from a UFO encounter. The fractal image is eerily similar to the 3D model displayed at a Japanese UFO museum.

Note the shape of the face, the eyes and nose, the slit mouth, helmet and body.

Photographer’s statement

“Early December 2010 after the snow had settled, one morning I noticed a strange imprint in the snow on the six foot trampoline in my back garden. The trampoline has a[n] eight foot high net around it and I could not see any footprint on the settled snow near it. I took a picture with my mobile phone and opened it in Photoshop darkening the edges. Still I didn’t recognize the shape.

“A few weeks later I decided to take another look in Photoshop and tried superimposing the image on top of itself changing the opacity to 50 percent and flipping the layer horizontal. Also I used the levels tool.

“To my surprise the image started to look like something. Even more images and symbols appear as the layer is pivoted in different directions on top of the first and if you superimpose the pivoted image on top of itself and move it up and down.

“What do you think? This is not a joke, would appreciate your professional feedback, thank you.”

Background on fractal images

Fractal compression is a lossy compression method for digital images, based on fractals. The method is best suited for textures and natural images, relying on the fact that parts of an image often resemble other parts of the same image. Fractal algorithms convert these parts into mathematical data called fractal codes which are used to recreate the encoded image.”

Fractal interpolation

“The resolution independence of a fractal-encoded image can be used to increase the display resolution of an image. This process is also known as fractal interpolation. In fractal interpolation, an image is encoded into fractal codes via fractal compression, and subsequently decompressed at a higher resolution. The result is an up-sampled image in which iterated function systems have been used as the interpolant. Fractal interpolation maintains geometric detail very well compared to traditional interpolation methods.”

Fractal images appeal to intuitive aesthetic appreciation of order and chaos combined.

Image differencing

Image differencing is an image processing technique used to determine changes between images. The difference between two images is calculated by finding the difference between each pixel in each image, and generating an image based on the result. For this technique to work, the two images must first be aligned so that corresponding points coincide, and their photometric values must be made compatible, either by careful calibration, or by post-processing (using color mapping). The complexity of the pre-processing needed before differencing varies with the type of image.”


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