India to make Pakistan barren by 2014


LAHORE: The Indus Water Commissioner, Jamaat Ali Shah, said on Sunday that India would turn Pakistan into a barren country by 2014 by blocking its waters.

Addressing a seminar at the Lahore Press Club, he said India had constructed dams on various rivers and the construction was still continuing. He said India could generate electricity but not stop Pakistan’s water under the Indus Water Treaty. About the recent water stoppage by India, he said India claimed that it had stopped Pakistan’s water from August 19 to August 28. “However, we do not accept the Indian point of view because India had stopped water till September 5 according to our estimates,” he added.

He said an Indian delegation would visit Pakistan on November 29 to discuss the issue. Speaking on the occasion, representatives of various farmers organizations said India had violated the Indus Water Treaty by constructing the Baghlihar Dam. They said if the Pakistani government remained inactive, then India would destroy Pakistan’s economy and capture the country without a war.

Source: Pak Tribune

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  1. abhilash says:

    mr.jaawed iqbal.may i remind you that the indians have fought pakistan in the battlefield and have defeated them everytime.they got a standing army of 1.5 million ,double of pakistan’s army,why should they be scared in facing jihadis like you?

  2. MIR says:

    Pakistanis believe in Allah and not “gods”.If he stops rain, their dams will become useless.Let the dam fools construct as many dams as they want. ALLAH will INSHA ALLAH protect Pakistan from their evil designs. the only thing is Pakistanis should have full faith in HIM. Pakistanis should construct dams to store water that comes into their territory.

  3. Jawed Iqbal says:

    This is basically a declaration of war against Pakistan! These bhindians can’t fight in a battlefield so they choose to use cowardly means of resource theft to destroy our nation. If they don’t stop, then there has to be military action against them. To some, this may sound foolish and emotional ranting, but those some are either suffering from an inferiority complex or are the enemies of the Islamic Republic.

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