Indian Most Dangerous Special Forces Ever – Full Documentary


Indian Most Dangerous Special Forces Ever – Full Documentary.


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  1. what a sacrifice for MotherLand

  2. remember the day when our stone age army kicked you off from our country


  4. I salute Indian Army ..

  5. You can do it bro, we all with you !

  6. Ram Nation says:

    feel like joining the army n wish they had train facilities like this to get the body working without having to join the army I would definallty join

  7. Khan Billz says:

    hahahahahaha indian lolxxx hahahahahahahahahaha

  8. Yash Sinha says:

    Proud to be an INDIAN. Jai HIND for our heroes.

  9. Nizzy says:

    British SAS is better and Gurka is better

  10. sour jin says:

    respect and salute…

  11. iron men of our country

  12. big salute dear my brother, you are the real heroes

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