Infant Son Neglected- Dies- While Father Plays Video Games for Three Days Straight


Many generation X’ers and Y’ers have serious problems with video game addiction. Just like drugs and alcohol and online social media sites such as Facebook, many younger people the world over have escaped into a fantasy reality, while neglecting the reality of the real world around them. Shockingly, one young father’s video game addiction has led to the death of his infant son. The father disappeared for three days to game in internet cafes, returning only on rare occasions to feed his son. Eventually, the baby died.

Infant Son Neglected- Dies- While Father Plays Video Games for Three Days Straight

Elite Daily Reports:

A young Korean father was so addicted to online games that he not only neglected to take care of his infant son, but failed to cease the habit even after finding out the boy had died.

According to Kotaku, a 22-year-old man was left with his 2-year-old son when his wife got a job at a factory and moved into the facility’s dorms.

The two met through an online game when they were in high school.

The father only checked on the boy every two or three days, however, because he literally spent all day and all night in Internet cafes.

He would return home to feed the child before heading to another Internet cafe or a sauna house to bathe.

The father found the boy dead on March 7, a blessing in his eyes considering he could now devote more time to games.

It wasn’t until over a month later that he decided it was time to do something about the rotting corpse.

The Wall Street Journal reports that he wrapped the body in a blanket, put it inside a plastic bag and left it at a flower garden last Friday about a mile away from his home.

He tried to clear his name by reporting the baby missing, but soon confessed to causing the death during questioning.

He named League of Legends and Sudden Attack as his two favorite games.


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