Infowars Caught In Illuminati Programming?


Alex Jones breaks down the danger of becoming conspiracy obsessed when the true conspiracies are more dangerous than any of the fake ones. Help us …


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  1. I am still interested in the fact that Alex says Trump is supposed to be saving us but I am just sitting here thinking I want him to win simply because he will send crazy into overdrive and I actually like crazy. Hillary is supposed to be the "Lesser of 2 Evils" and we are supposed to want a President that "knows the system"

  2. bill hicks I don't believe your deceiving ass.

  3. Alex you publish way to much truth to be called A new world order anything, Jesus said to the pharisees ''A house divided unto itself will surly fall " he said this because they accused him of working for the devil ………..

  4. Brandon Abel says:

    Opinions are like assholes:) Does the app come with aluminum foil?

  5. Ron Joberts says:

    John carpenter .. they live…

  6. Vegan4Christ says:

    Pyramids can be used to depict a variety of degree's of "power". The "controllers" can start a club of scientists and engineers and can be at the top of the pyramid of technological ingenuity and advancement, but that pyramid is only one pyramid within the pyramid which reflects the true rankings of man. It's extremely convince to believe, from their commoner brains perspective, that their pyramid is in fact The Pyramid of Man, where they are the top, but this is a fallacy. Their brains chemical-biology is in a continuum linked to specific thought/behavioral codes that activates certain areas of the brain, while other areas are unactivated. And those who kill animals and/or eat their flesh are not capable of activating the specific areas of the brain that allow the brains perception to be enhanced to a degree where enlightenment (christ/buddha consciousness) can be achieved. Of course it's far more sophisticated than the chemical-biological system within an animal murdering flesh eaters brains, as further particular behavioral and thought processes are enveloped within the spectrum of the thoughts and behaviors of those who are capable of achieving enlightenment, such as the shameless objectification of others (women, men, children) for means of self-gratification. And of course the biological science runs even deeper into the realm of genetics, physiology, and social-environment. It's all a very sophisticated science that determines the level of plausibility for an individual to be able to enter into a chemical-biological brain system which is able to hone in to a frequency that enlightens it's perception to a greater level of Awareness and omni-consciousness, and for most it's not possible.

  7. nature freak says:

    your right paul joseph watson rob dew and joe biggs deserves an award though maybe even the new people owen shroyer and milliniel millie

  8. Sean Oliver says:

    No no, this shit is Illuminati inspired! Imagine the real stuff going on in the very top of the pyramid!

  9. matt brown says:

    if you look at Europe/Eurabia it is a sign of things to come 'the Locust Army invading a majority liberal society who fell asleep in a permissive society of the new age revamped hipster type selfish me first agenda 'and the end result was a strong delusion of Bablyon confusion 'when the local thugs took the simple minded hippies kindness for their PC weakness=Liberal White Guilt stuff ''it created no trust and more division and 'so the NWO agenda was to keep the simple minded people stoned and stupid and angry at the right wingers ''so the Democrat Leaders could put the Islamic knife in their back 'they used GMO weaponized weed Medications and White Guilt 'only the strong minded smokers seen it coming ''not all smokers are bad or stupid 'they just don't vote Democrat 'even though 'they know Bush was a Liberal 'disguised as a Republican 'so basicly on 911 Bush caught the fish 'Obama n Hillary Merkel skinned it 'when they say Islam is a Religion of peace peace ''like Bush n Obama said 'and all of them ~it's kind of like a Charles Manson game 'we have more stages to go ''we will defeat the Babylon Whore 'even if she does get elected why? the truth is stronger than a lie 'the NWO is all LIES- it is a pit of lies look at TV Media as a small example LIES and who is the Father of Lies~ the Locust Army Trojan Horse game is a Lawless Barbaric entity of Hatred and Satanic Death worship used by the NWO as their pawns

  10. the Workers of the  Canadian Mental Health System are all Infatuated with "TRIANGLES", the Number "3" and the color "RED" . . . they are the ones doing the iLLuminati Programming. Caqndian Mental Health Facilities Built be the Harper Government are Labs and Canadians Citizens the Rats!

  11. RFC_ Sputmop says:

    corrupt global government, but trump is somehow your chosen saviour

  12. I take comfort in the fact they they try so hard to control us purely because they can't take our guns. They can try every method they want but no means no

  13. the index finger to the thumb making an "o" with 3 fingers up used to mean "A-ok". now it means 666? not in my house it doesn't.

  14. Daniel Kidd says:

    Infowars is owned by the same company as CNN. Everybody just WAKE UP!! and have your own opinions.Trump or Clinton we both lose more bullshit rich get rich, poor get poor, war, death and lies.

  15. Dunford00 says:

    alex what happened to you? you used to educate on the false left right paradigm and bohemian grove etc, if you think trump isnt in their club youre either a full blown brainwashed idiot now, or worse, a fucking globalist disinfo troll,
    way too much evidence for the latter, any questions??


  17. Lol. Magic. If it were real would we be talking about them taking over or would they have done it a very long time ago. Alex, you put up with a lot of shit from viewers. Keep up the good work. We appreciate it.

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