Infowars Nightly News – Middle East: Battle Ground for World War 3 – 11/24/2015


Turkey , which was the purchase of millions of dollars worth of oil from ISIS daily and jihadists to attack Syria , it has once again proven to be an ” accomplice of …


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  1. So this TOW missile team was located inside Turkish territory.

  2. Kevin Burnes says:

    how many times does David Knight have to say you or we need to understand in a program, we get it, we understand!

  3. Alex is going to attack people for excising their 1st amendment rights? Alex, you are a shill, come to New York without a camera crew and I'll gladly say it to you face. I'll show you how New Yorkers defend themselves without guns.

  4. General Lee says:

    Joel Skousen says the war starts in 2020, I think we'll be lucky if it doesn't start in the next few weeks.

  5. Turkey is the stupidest country in the world right now

    who fucks with Putin and gets away?

    unless erdogan is satan himself

  6. Andy Itwaru says:

    Whenever David Knight gets angry I always feel like I did something wrong

  7. Nuno Dias says:

    Shooting a pilot while parachuting down, isn't that a war crime ??? make them pay MR. PUTIN.

  8. Going on vacation this winter? Planning on traveling by air?
    Might we recommend the Middle East as your vacation paradise this year?
    The Gladys Mendelbaum Airline and Storm Door Co.

  9. L chavez says:

    T.O.W MISSILE….for one man……, ok

  10. L chavez says:

    T.O.W MISSILE…..for one (maybe two men)…..nope. not happening.

  11. L chavez says:

    Did you guys not interview Aaron Russo? Yes, you did. He told you "terrorism" isn't real…….we (whom are awake) know this is b.s. propaganda. The formula is simple……seek and learn. ( I'll not spoon feed you) put on your big boy pants, and seek the truth for yourself……Luisa

  12. Mutually assured destruction . One EMP. Would destroy the grid.madness!

  13. flashdamingo says:

    If the clips are genuine how come the parachutes change colour?

  14. Truth Teller says:

    This isn't a fair assessment, IMO. Putin has been overly aggressive in this last decade. Not to say the U.S. is perfect or that ISIS isn't a creation of ours, but Putin needed to get checked, eventually. The U.S. and NATO have their hands dirty in their quest for global dominance, but to sit here and pretend that Russia and China aren't actively seeking global conquest and testing their limits as well is ignorant. Even though I'm convinced Turkey has been helping ISIS, they are still an ally in the pursuit of the Russian-China-Syria-Iran-North Korea axis.

  15. MrDrofinnah says:

    we know that turkey is supporting isis and yet they are u.s. allies… duhhhh… we have some very stupid… idiotic… shit eating maggots running the show for us don't we…??? the ones that support the turkey terrorist should be brought up on charges… and obama should be thrown out… or drug out… of office… i've never seen such underhanded immoral actions in my life… get real… this shit needs to be brought to an end…

  16. The US is not to blame for Turkey buying stolen Syrian Oil

  17. General Lee says:

    This is so funny, Joel Skousen keeps being consistently wrong, he didn't see the Russian intervention in Syria coming, he didn't see Turkey shooting down a Russian aircraft coming. Yet he insists nothing will happen for the next decade basically. So ridiculous.

  18. tiborvivi says:

    BREAKING NEWS!!! Hungary detains group heading to capital with explosives, finds bomb lab. Read:
    The WW3 has started

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