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Watch: Greatest UFO Movies Of June 2015 [Breaking UFO News] Share This! This is what went down at Thirdphaseofmoon for the thirty day period of June 2015! Sub Now Not To Miss What Comes about Next! Specifics On All UFO Submitted To TPOM Credits and Testimony Underneath~Movie Produced by Jim Martin Authentic Url

Estimate From Roter “Hi, a week back i filmed this from my balcony and needed your impression about it. Greetings from Switzerland” Brent and Blake Search Above HAARP Evidence.

Authentic Url From Switzerland From Roter Faden

“Manuel WOlff from “hi there, germany!” Shares His New UFO Footage To Thirdphaseofmoon
Manuel Wolff Channel

[Alberta Canada UFO] 2015 Clarissa Garza Estimate “I noticed this matter flying in excess of 288 and then off Beltway eight on eight/22/14. I have never uploaded the movie since I was skeptical.”

JD ROCK Estimate “I was out in the middle of nowhere and discovered this massive ring on the horizon. I 1st assumed it was a large UFO and then understood it was a 300ft+ round smoke ring. Filmed south of Edson, Alberta, Canada. It was one degree Celsius and filmed by my previous Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone.”

I have an more more mature movie from my quadcopter. I assumed it was a fowl but it was touring seriously speedy. IT occurs close to two:32 mark.

Walter Ramirez Estimate “Hi there, just in excess of a thirty day period back my family members went to Peru Machu Pichu. My cousin took a photo of his girlfriend with the check out of the ruins. They did not detect nearly anything odd at the moment, but when searching at the photo there is a pretty distinct metallic sphere UFO on the photo.”

True UFO’s sighting in Perris CA.
Steve Contreras

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38 Responses

  1. today we take a look to those youdupe idiots.

  2. best Ufo fake(s) for the youdupe idiots.

  3. Joe Lee says:

    The only real thing that I find off-putting is that Blake seems to be drunk.

  4. The island at the beginning is Svalbard, not Iceland, you dipshit.

  5. Marvin Mckay says:

    check out your vid here my earth brother at 27;49 you can see another ufo going erratic right to the left a little on your hole shot of that ufo you captured

  6. ambiethorne says:

    I've found millions of X's all over the world using Google Maps

  7. MsVanorak says:

    The orbs are causing the natural disasters using electrical pulse.  It's them that makes the crop circles and all sorts of wonderful disasters – not.  I've been up close to a couple of them and they make a noise like an electricity pylon.  Let's just marvel at them whilst they cause death and destruction though aye!

  8. MsVanorak says:

    8.37 not blinked out – it's still there – further to the right and smaller suggesting it is further away..

  9. Hmm.  looks like a fan under it!   A bathroom fan?

  10. Roy Batty says:

    Please put a cork in that guest commentator Dr. Elias

  11. Roy Batty says:

    Please put a cork in that guest commentator Dr. Elias

  12. Cool, but it does not show the actual size… it could be a small to mid model DIY drone or CGI… there is no actual context of size or location.

  13. PoonJunky says:

    I've never been in space, but when I look up from Earth, I see a shitload of stars. Why is there not ONE in the background of this video from the space shuttle??

  14. 99綜合TV says:


  15. The E.T.'s want to make contact.

  16. Mike Madigan says:

    In the first Machu Piccu video where you say the object disappears in the third frame, I disagree as I can see it, only its further away and therefore smaller.

  17. Absolutely incredible footage, OF A BIRD. Now dont get me wrong, birds are incredible but the footage suck.

  18. Cortney P says:

    44 min clip. Holy shit

  19. Hey the guys in Nevada, you take a care for go to Nevada area..right ? ………..SO PUT YOUR FUCKING CAMERA ON THE SIDE OF THE ROOF FOR FILMING WITHOUT THIS FUCKING SHACKING FILM….!!!!!!!!!
    It's not hard to thing to do…. Damn..
    Rods are bug but them wing have a frenquence movement more fast than camera take images/second so the effect look like a strange creature. It's just PHYSIC !
    Anyway i believe to EBE but not stupid misstakes or missundertanding.
    Sorry my english.

  20. ian cannon says:

    wow look a new harrp , chemtrail, flat earth, orb, stargate, mars animal type TR3B,alien ufo anomaly

  21. omniche1 says:

    Wow ! Brat what's your opinion on that amazing footage right here right now on third phase, I don't know what it is Flake wow ! lets ask special guest UFO expert Doctor Richard Head, Dick what do you make of this incredi bull footage, Brat, wow ! I know what it isn't, what's your analysis  Flake. Well Dick is it cigar shaped or is it a cigar, wow ! Take a look at this next piece of footage all the way from Ireland showing what looks like a sausage. Wow ! Brat what's your opinion  as to the propulsion system of this sausage and is it pork or beef wow ! Flake it looks like a similar sighting in Spain that turned out  to be a chorizo, subscribe to third phase for more expert opinion, wow !

  22. Ferdz M. says:

    Do you believe in this crapped its clearly fake and edited, you don't need infrared cam or whatever shit to deceive everybody. Lol

    He is using a pod mounted cam but still the video is a hell f a shit moving….wtf!!!

  23. black2deep says:

    I think it's about time that Thirdphaseofmoon is banned from constantly presenting this fake shit.

  24. 10:59 This four orbs are organic,not mechanic.And they are able to convert their spherical shape in a rhombic shape.And then they are as large as men.

  25. Buck Wheat says:

    The Iceland video looks American made, the US Navy and Air Force has been big militarily since WW II

  26. Fire Wilson says:

    theory maybe completely ridiculous, but the way i've figured it out so far, is the ship electo magnetically charges the surrounding space by the resonant frequency the ship has around it. that may account for the change of the colors of light that may be plasma after it's charged by the previous step. different frequency exists with different colors. and the resonance has a result to where space can be moved around the craft because its changed into a space fabric. Possible? i have no idea. maybe it's nothing like the way it functions. but perhaps???

  27. You made it too boring to hold interest. Maybe shorten it up a bit?

  28. fla zenitra says:

    Its a machine of course it should have not just lights but windows and doors seats landing gear and a guidance/propulsion system. Some are translucent and some probably don't need lights.

  29. fla zenitra says:

    The retracting anti gravity guidance system/landing gear is convincing. If you look at the Adam Adamski film from the 1950's, this also has a retracting system. Bob Lazar did touch on how this system possibly works. Could also be a modified drone outfitted with some sort of kit. I'd like to see the entire video. Good work.

  30. nineball26 says:

    "earth has gravity it sucks you down" lol um wrong, the force of gravity pushes down… one would think you guys have at least a 101 level of astronomy? exactly what are your credentials? astro physics? orbital mechanics? observational astronomy? astronomy? astro chemistry cosmo chemistry? micro G environment? forensic astronomy? theoretical astronomy? Monkeys and Apes in Space? FFS…

    the fux ufologiy? sounds made up to me, sure you guys ain't just a couple pecker pullers with nothing better to do?

    this "bideo" is farking lame, HUGE LIGHTING ISSUE!!! 3D environments 101, your first quarter of Softimage or Maya and you can point out endless issues with this video.. first off the edges are too hard, harder than their environment, lighting is so off its laughable, especially the angle where the Sun is supposedly located? huh?

    funny tho, gotta wonder if you pecker pullers dint make dis bideo

  31. Antal Gorzó says:

    We are not alone, but this is just radar marks, sorry.

  32. Pietro Sgado says:

    45:05 I have one if those DRONES, i repeat DRONES, aswell

  33. wow klasse foto schop man gwn een streepje

  34. there r a lot of them in the sky around around 2 to 4 in the morning. .. special if u r out the city in any place around the world. don't show panic they will notice it. keep still don't move.

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