“INSIDE: EL DEBARGE” A Centric Premiere


El DeBarge 2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKukJs1rT1s.


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  1. what a joy to see that reaction at the award show. I love a triumphant return.

  2. Sherry Allen says:

    You are gifted and loved,I am so sorry for the pain of what you endured from your father,and it's so confusing when you come from parents that abuse you,for it truly spiraled your family out of control,the blessing is GOD IS A GOD OF MANY CHANCES AND THE BLOOD OF JESUS IS THE LIVING WATERS,YOU have songs inside of you,but you must be in deep relationship with Jesus,for HE KNOWS WHAT TO DO WITH YOU,Give him your am time and READ THE WORD OF GOD EVERYDAY and it will all fall in line,trust me I have lived the same life and honey child I got the VICTORY,WALKING IN IT AND DONT LOOK BACK except to pull someone up,God is there and keep calling HIS NAME,Love you!and WILL ALWAYS PRAY FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!

  3. This brought tears to my eyes. I hope he stays clean, not only for himself, but for his children. As long as he relies on God, which "all things are possible".

  4. jana vanova says:

    EL Debarge Family will always be the History of Music Voice!!! No matter what.
    Respect for El Debarge family!! We love Ya'll

  5. TracyGot27 says:

    Love that music at 16:00

  6. TracyGot27 says:

    Love El but who dressed him like Danny Zukko from Grease for the awards show?!

  7. La Pinky says:

    MUST BE ONLY ME am i too old but wasn't one of the DeBarge married to one of the Jacksons and they are crazy drugging and fucking rich was there excuse we in the hood have a reason to be that way cause BILL BILL BILL KEEP KNOCKING ON MY DOOR NOT WORRY ABOUT ANYONE ELSE THESE RICH EASY MONEY MAKERS NEED TO STOP STEALING THE HOOD REasons to be stupid. LOL MONEY BUY SHIT MISERY AND JACKSON'S AND DEDBARGE NEEDED TO FUCKING COMPANY.. GETT THE OUT OF MY NYC TOWN BOY

  8. La Pinky says:

    YEAH AND THE F#$r%t^&*UCK?//////

  9. El DeBarge is one of the most charming and smooth entertainers that is in show business.His voice captures you plus he is handsome, with great sex appeal. He is a great pianist musicians get him such as Fourplay, make you wanna holler like Marvin Gay sang. In all that greatness he appears to be completely down to earth and he act like he is a next door neighbor. He speaks of his derailment, and is very bold, brave, one of a kind. Many people love and wish him well, he has die hard devoted fans from all ages he is timeless. Thank God for El an pray for a long,happy and prosperous life for this natural beauty

  10. 33:34……..whoop that ass el…….this is it :)

  11. Lacy Harmon says:

    Truly I enjoyed this in tamale moment of El for one as adults a lot of times were complicated not wanting acknowledge and admit to our wrongs and demons he opened the door to share his flaws but I pray that he will and can maintain his sobriety and thru it all,all of the years of absence and substance abuse his vocals are still flawless only a gift can obtain that

  12. MrKiwispirit says:

    wow he looks so good.for.someone who's been homeless and in jail. good for him for turning things around

  13. That's what's up everything turned around for him. he still looks good.

  14. Tyedon says:

    He is beautiful, I love this man!

  15. Tyedon says:

    This man is sooo beautiful, I'm in love!!!

  16. G Rock says:

    There is no family comparable to The Debarge family..there sound is unique and can't be duplicated…we miss you Debarge family we need you!

  17. This touched my heart man! El keep it up my brother!

  18. Great artist, great story, great humility, God bless El.

  19. congrats El, don't sign no devil worshiping contracts trying to redeem the time now, you have arrived full circle. God bless

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