Inside Phuket Airport – Departure from Phuket Airport – check-in to plane boarding – Thailand


We are at Phuket International Airport (HKT) on the island of Phuket in Thailand. This video documents an international departure flight from Phuket Airport.


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  1. mick birke says:

    Wellcome home. Look foreward to your movies from Phuket. Be there on saturday. :-))

  2. mick birke says:

    Yes i know. Been on Phuket, Patong and Kata Beach for the last 10 years in the Winter.Allways good to se videos of the Island. Like your comment. I bought the Panasonic, but i dont think my wife take alle the luggage.Regards.

  3. Very good to see you back – a great way to return as this was fantastic! Liked :-D

  4. TXLspotting says:

    Interesting video! Subbed your channel!

  5. Awesome! Liked and subscribed :)

  6. Very well Video i like it! it is very interesting. I will Subbed your channel! Greetings Aero Spotter Germany

  7. Great Phuket Airport footage…Your videos always make Me want to be there too…No such luck !! A really good look round..most enjoyable… Hope you had a great Holiday…..Happy New Year 2016…..Best wishes…Steve.-:)

  8. Fly747X says:

    Yeaah that was nice 🙂 Nice Airport!

  9. theDoubleH63 says:

    Nice ! looks like a busy airport full of holidays flights !

  10. scotrail82 says:

    Nice Video Bud. Hope you had a great trip.

  11. In october when i was phuket i saw they was extending the airport but not yet complete, it's too crowded at phuket airport.

  12. Thanks for uploading this interesting video

  13. RVNspotting says:

    Great airport tour! Reminds me of my trip to Phuket back in 2007, would love to visit there again some day. Hope you had a good vacation! :-)

  14. Interesting video Maxi. My gf and I were in Phuket airport last year ago for fly back to Don Mueang on Thai Smile A320 sharklets. Phuket is more farang(Foreigners) for the beach and seafood.

  15. Very nice view of this airport! I have seen some amazing photos from the beach near this airport, it's like Sint Maarten! Have you been there? Big like for the good video, and have a great weekend! :)

  16. Thanks for the great video! Me and my wife are flying to Phuket in September 2016, hopefully the airport upgrades are finished by then (if they aren't already!). Airport prices are typical, if I think of what they charge in South African airports, it's much the same!

  17. Mila Nzukuma says:

    hey, going to be at Phuket airport in a week from now so nice to know what is what, thanks alot??

  18. that's kinda great work, thanks dude 🙂
    i was there 2 months ago, spent a honeymoon week.. you remind me of a great time

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