Inside SECRET Freemason Temple will shock you! (R$E)


Secret illuminati Temple Ritual Exposed! Inside Freemason Luciferian HQ in Washington DC by Round SaturnsEye (R$E) It was a bizarre experience to visit this …


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  1. this guy has no clue

  2. Hello Kitty says:

    LOL @ The Cat in the Hat 2:47

  3. what's with the 3 teardrops in your logo?

    looks like three 6's

  4. EXCELLENT works! Thank you.

  5. Mass murder suicide yourselves earth.

  6. Zionism?
    now go find the " common core" of which runs and controls " mainstream media" and inevitably controls Government or even GOVERNMENTS!
    the rabbit hole journey will trip you out! you will also (some) you will need seek their true birth names and their entitlements by mother born and her hand down to the said child or childs of mention. i will not give it to you.
    go seek…
    and may God help us ALL!

  7. debra maddox says:

    so so very interesting

  8. Rick Ricky says:

    The Holy Mass in the Church is an abomination?

    If this is the case, we are all doomed, not even 1 will be saved.

  9. Rick Ricky says:

    The maker of this video forgot one thing that sums it all up:

    We are the worshippers of our own idols:
    _ Our body and flesh and all that comes with it.

    Just look around and show one iota that doesn't show the worship of our own flesh and body, just one iota.

  10. Cory ryder says:

    and you went with dan hes cool be fun guy to chat with

  11. Alex Ander says:

    "Freemasonry is Judeism for Gentiles" that was 100% TRUE!!!Thx R$E for all the work u are doing.Thx.

  12. Alex Ander says:

    Why no one shows the statue of Buddha that is in the Bohemian Grove is bigger than the "owl" that so called "truther" Alex F.(f is for fucking) Jones was filming in the bohemian grove?

  13. Good stuff man well done

  14. Tracey M says:

    Your video needs more information about connecting the symbolism, for people who are viewing for the first time. I see some information is there, but it needs to come right away, otherwise someone new will think it's just a weird video with random things, not watching to see/hear the information to explain it later.
    I thank you for your videos to reach people.

  15. Tracey M says:

    Also people need to be aware that Revelation is symbolic, and we cannot wait expecting something to happen in Jerusalem… It is happening everywhere. We do not need to travel to Jerusalem for anything significant.
    Jesus changed everything, so these things refer to worldwide now, not local.
    We are all spiritual Israelites, grafted in… and the beast is everywhere, within ourselves if we are not being changed.

  16. brilliant vid well made, UNSUBED AGAIN you deleted my comment ?   Iam watching you watching them watching us

  17. Jorma Teräs says:

    the founding jews

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