Inside the Arrival area of the Vancouver International Airport – YVR – January 2011


Arriving at YVR in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada after a connecting flight from Beijing via Air China. Navigating the arrival terminal.


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  1. Elias says:

    Sure the YVR airport is one of the most beautiful airports in the world, boasting cleanliness, indoor waterfalls, fake gardens/ponds,  aquariums in random places and shopping but looks can be deceiving!!!!!  The last time I travelled through YVR my experience left me so traumatized I have never entered an airport since.  Upon my departure from YVR, the bad vibes started at the first security check point. They don't smile, they aren't kind, they look at you with evil eyes pretending your a drug smuggler or terrorist.   It felt like I was entering prison, and I'm not even joking. Once you go through airport security your basic human rights are in violation and your life is literally in their hands.  I thought whatever, and I carried on and became more relaxed in the departure areas past security.  But while waiting for my flight and shopping around, I quickly noticed I was being watched by all the airport security.  I was travelling alone, and was very obviously singled out and they were highly suspicious of me for not reason.  Then just as I paid for my items at a store, the security officer I noticed starring at me asked me to step outside the store, where I was interrogated and questioned in front of people walking by which was humiliating. Then they let me go, and  continued to stare me down and watch my every move until I got on the plane to leave.  I've never been in trouble with the law so they had no reason to think anything.  My trip back home from London Heathrow was far worse. That was only the beginning of my ordeal.  Upon entering the first Heathrow checkpoint I was 'randomly selected' to be taken aside in front of hundreds of people where out in the open they opened up my carry on bag and took out every item and laid it on a table like a display for people walking by and they brushed it all with drug/bomb testing equipment.  To make it even more ironic; this was done by a Muslim woman who was wearing a full hijab and covered from head to toe in all black, with only her mouth and eyes visible.  After finding nothing and humiliating me again,  I noticed everywhere I went in Heathrow this same man who was dressed normally was following me and starring at me.  As soon as I heard my gate called, I went there so fast to get away from him, but I quickly realized he was on the same flight when I looked up and he was standing 4 feet away from me with his arms crossed starring directly into my eyes while I was sitting down.  I knew for sure, that he worked for the airport in some way maybe he was an air marshal tipped off that I was suspicious passenger in some way.  During the flight he proceeded to walk around the aisles, while always stopping directly at my seat where I was sitting alone to stare my down with an evil look on his face.  I actually thought at one point, maybe the plane was being hijacked or something and I was about to die because this shit was too weird to make up.  After nearly 10 horrible hours, I arrived back at YVR.  I wanted to get out and go home as soon as possible. So after getting off the plane I started walking fast while passing people who were walking slow to get in front of them in line at immigration.  But that didn't help because I was stopped again and questioned and where I was going in a hurry, but I guess you're not allowed to walk fast in airports.  The again interrogated me in front of all the other passengers walking by, and I had to explain every detail of my trip and by this point every single passenger on the plane was now in front of me.  Then I stood in the kiosk line up which is for Canadian citizens only so that you don't have to wait in line, you deal with a computer instead. But someone from airport security took me out of this line, and told me to wait in the other line which took nearly 2 hours with all the people from the different countries, so that I would have to talk to a human and be interrogated again.  After finally getting to the front of the line and declaring what I bought on my trip, they simply refused to believe me and I got a weird looking stamp on my declaration form that was intended for further inspection.  I just wanted to die at that point but it wasn't over.  I was waiting for my luggage to come out, and I noticed from way across the room 2 security officers who were pointing at me and they started walking directly over to me. Then they questioned and interrogated me and humiliated me again in front of other people. They forced me to explain my entire life story, as well as my parents and friends and the purpose of my trip to the point of exhaustion and invasion of privacy. After realizing again and again they had nothing on me, they said you're free to go. So I left finally in tears walking past hundred of people at the arrivals hallway, and when I got to the airport doors I saw the bus and just started running for it yelling wait!!!  I quickly got on the bus, and looked out the window and noticed the guy who had been following me all the way from London England will still following closely but I got away.  It was like something out of a movie, and the bus driver asked if I was ok and I just said no, and get me to the park n fly to pick up my car. When I finally got in my car I had a panic attack, and was so traumatized I have never entered an airport since.

  2. attichamster says:

    The jellyfish!! My favourite part of YVR.

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