Insurgency: World War II ► Allied Offensive (Ft. Alabaster Slim)


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20 Responses

  1. Filipodw says:

    i cant seem to find any servers on this game mode. And i want to test it out my self; help !?!?!?

  2. Iam almost afraid to ask this but, it bluedrake actually, cough cough, gay?

  3. does 90% of the fucking German team has kar 98s?

  4. 'my mouth i huge' If u know what i mean…

  5. I'd just play red orchestra to be honest.

  6. Santa Six says:

    Imagine if this team magically added vehicles? Sherman vs PzIV.

  7. YUNOBF3 says:

    Can't stop watching 12:32

  8. C/Gw says:

    i was in that server with you for a moment, anyway its pretty buggy but for an insurgency mod it has a lot of potential

  9. cody40994 says:

    who else is waiting for the Vietnam mod for Insurgency?

  10. Mrsirr says:

    Wow even 360p is too much for my internet connection
    Hey Comcast, if you're reading this,
    I need you to take like 7 or 8 human penises
    put those penises in a bowl
    Now pour milk on them
    Okay I want you to eat that bowl of dicks
    Eat those dicks.

  11. Insurgency: Vietnam incoming?

  12. Al Morais says:

    Where is this exactly in the workshop? I can't find it.

  13. Looks like Day of Defeat mixed with CoD United Offense

  14. Does anyone remember that WW2 game I think it was source mod, on steam but it was pretty damn realistic and it was a mod? It was fun asf and had good squad gameplay, but the game kinda died out quick. For some reason I thought it was called Blood and someting or something like that?

  15. bluedrake you are awesome but you suck so bad at aiming i want to cry

  16. Well the US army never used that version of the thompson in ww2 Only the marines used it.. They should be using the M1A1 Thompson..

  17. Is it a mod or the official dlc? Can't hear commentary if he said that.

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