Interdimensional UFO Portal Tutorial!


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Captain Disillusion channels a well known Immediately after Consequences tutorial guru to reveal and recreate yet another viral UFO video.


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  1. htomerif says:

    Oh hey CD, don't worry about us here in the US. We got a replacement branch on loan from Vladimir Putin. We're gonna try the old "dictatorship by terrorism" that worked so well for the CCCP. But hey, it could be worse, we could have a.. woman… as president.

    Note – technically we do. Our good friends at the Russian Federation were kind enough to rig our election to put their autocrat at the head of our government. Thank GOD we avoided that whole voting thing.

  2. Abel says:

    Don't mess with pure, unadultered HTML! It's way better than JS bullshit.

  3. So your black son is still touring the universe with Holly and unavailable for the photoshoot?

  4. D Wrex says:

    the video copilot dig, golden.

  5. I think you should make an alternative channel, create your own fake video's, don't tell them who you are, then once you have gathered however many comments and views you are disappointed with, create a video showing that it was all a fake and how you did it on this channel.

  6. These videos always make me smile 🙂
    Also they make me feel like I could do some cool non-hoax related youtubing… Thanks Capt'n D!

  7. Herbert West says:

    lol a laser razor? Holy shit that's stupid. How did I not hear about that?

  8. please debunk the welfare state

  9. Xelenium says:

    When you said he is full of "merde" I just had to look it up. Not surprisingly merde is french for shit.

  10. Said Chaou says:

    "CaptainDisillusion just uploaded a video: Interdimensional UFO Portal Tutorial!
    30 minutes ago"
    Youtube is drunk…

  11. Odd I just got a notification for this now

  12. Andrei Sopon says:

    Watch out Andrew Kramer, the Captain is after your job!

  13. whats the name of your 2nd channel

  14. pOOTERgOBLiN says:

    This mother fucker has some serious silver krylon all over his face. Good grief bro. You been huffing a little bit of paint man? Get a little pep in the step before you hop in front of the camera? No judgement here, but god damn!

  15. Abraxaz says:

    Disprove these shitty nibiru sightings

  16. Will Gregory says:

    captain d sounds like nick bunyun

  17. Will Gregory says:

    *European accent * the skarp lasser rasser @idubbbz

  18. Juan Juanano says:

    Fucking moron! It's not even well done. You don't even have the skills you are showing off. IDIOT!!!

  19. Juan Juanano says:

    You are really good at copying thinks. Do you get well payed for this? I as musician can recreate a Beethovens composition on my computer and try to explain to everyone that Beethoven is a bad compositor too. YOU ARE PROVING NOTHING ELSE BUT YOUR SKILLS AT A SOFTWARE!!! Get a real job.

  20. XYZpro says:

    You look like Bruce Banner

  21. Baylithe says:

    Wait… where is your black son??

  22. milova says:

    Oh god, the particles/exit at the end bahahahaha

  23. It's probably saying things on the top right.

  24. Thank you CaptainDisillusion you've saved the day once again =D BTW why is half your face silver?

  25. MrArek ZebDk says:

    Hi do you have some video about mandela effect ?

  26. Oh Captain Disillusion! It's about time you learned that millenials left facts and truth behind a long time ago. Start using instant gratification and superficiality as a hook in your upload videos and you'll be on the right track. == (head bowed and slowly shaking my head) == Good luck!

  27. It baffles me every single time I see one of your videos why you don't have millions of subscribers. They're funny and clever made. You have hawk-eye sight for hidden little tiny details in these "real" UFO/Paranormal/Tech Products/etc videos and you show really cool debunks. Man, you couldn't have asked for more. Keep up with the great work Captain D! Don't let them win!

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