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  1. Jordan Young says:

    go down in the moment dont worry about it

  2. Its MyMoJo says:

    Germany' reparations payoff was impossible – therefore the 30 countries allowed it be forgiven… Really – but Greece and Ireland should go under or be eaten up – who will follow, ah "all the countries in the current EU…!!!!!!!!" Same is happening in Puerto Rico at the moment and it was due to mega millions of Drug Cartel monies… Let's wake up out of the nightmare!

  3. This documentary has some good information but the problem is it is so one sided. It makes the bankers the scape goats which the blame, if there is any, needs to go to all of us. All humans are greedy, some more than others.  I would like the documentary makers to tell us other options if the current system is so bad.

    Congress has hired the Federal Reserve to take care of the money system and having a private company do it instead of government employees sounds like a smart move. The national debt is just an accounting entry to correspond to how much money has been put into the system and the interest is what the Federal Reserve gets to manage it. Rothchild found a need and filled it, does that make him bad? Do these bankers actually wake up every day thinking how they can screw everyone around them? The main problem in my mind is HONESTY but that bearing false witness problem has infiltrated all of government just like all of society.

    Sure, Americans have been brainwashed into thinking that all of the trash and trinkets for sale are necessary for their happiness so we go to work everyday. But that is each one of ours problem. If you take away all of the money and banks today we will still have our homes, cars etc. I think that is something positive. Heck, I'm not rich but I can spend all day typing on this key board with a roof over my head, a toilet in another room, a shower, refrigerator and the 1080p flat screen showing classic movies from

    The thing I always think of when watching these is how in school so many kids hated anything to do with math. Is that natural or contrived? Just like some people are obsessed with space or anthropology etc. some are obsessed with money that's how humans are. We are inquisitive. WE THE PEOPLE have to stay alert and informed if we want to actually rule ourselves. Look in the Bible where the Israelite's had judges but petitioned God for a King. Maybe humans really don't want to be free.

  4. rahul seth says:

    In India, Reserve Bank of India prints the money which is a statutory body of Government.Apart from it, we have lots of banks which are Government Scheduled Banks !!!

  5. My grandpap says: "They need to reopen Auschwitz and send the bankers there."

  6. big Cahuna says:

    they lose all their money and then want yours. What a surprise. It pays to have friends in government.

  7. Banking Cartel doesn't own the Iranian Central Bank…yet…which is part of the reason behind the demonization of Iran. Visit The Real Strategy for more truth on the current state of the world.

  8. John Stupido says:

    How could you, Tim Steinkamp, put nearly 2.000 (over 1.950) characters in one single comment on YouTube about 2 months ago ? (check the comments below, about 2 months ago)
    Just wondering?
    Has the limit of maximum 500 characters per comment been changed? If so, when was that done and what is the limit of maximum characters per comment today in october
    2015? Have I missed something or do you have some 'special privileges' on YouTube that we others don't have?
    Paid-off-debunker-wannabe maybe?

  9. The roaming six headed Z-Kerberos is always spying on us, killing us for commodities wars, looting and enslave us by hypnosis, and do anything he wishes in order to manipulate us just like sheep! But, we are also become more powerful, once we're well informed. The only way to accomplish that is to strictly Isolate the media by a trusted and extremely reputable randomly chosen group of elders of all nations in order to form an Isolator-Group that will fight for real justice. A big brother to spy 24×7 not on its humble citizens, but on those Sleazy-Politicians, Apex-Capitalists and Grand-Bankers. That's where the Super-Crime hovers like a giant vulture over a wounded man's body!!!

  10. Thanks for your reply Tim. I
    I do think history shows the banking cartels designed this fiat fractional reserve system purposefully themselves not the public. They did this secretly as a cartel at Jekyll island. Of course they filled a need at the same time to help society develop. However, We the public want something better don't we? Something that doesn't result in ever increasing debt that our children's children will be paying off in a more expensive and dangerous world where our leaders have bombed loads of countries and then insisted we let the resulting angry and fractured refugees into our countries. We the public are going to pay all sorts of costs for our leaders and bankers decisions.

  11. It would not surprise me to find out all of this is true.

  12. Hitler tried to warn us

  13. people don't see how this affected their lives. people is used to having chronic disease

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