Interview with Bruno Mars “That’s the hardest question anyone has ever asked me”


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  1. Teoh Teoh says:

    why does that creepy woman keeps smiling at Bruno like a rapist

  2. Kana Ventura says:

    He makes me giggle so much like lmao

  3. My favorite part of the interview was when the interviewer said "One Last Question!"

  4. spideyjay23 says:

    Not enjoying this interview it is so awkward

  5. I wish Bruno Mars could come to Perth WA as I would love to see him live in concert as I think he is an awesome singer & performer

  6. i would love to see bruno do more slow romantic songs

  7. Bryan Yeap says:

    "let's welcome Bruno PARS" 😀

  8. calandoful says:

    Whenever he talks about his past it gets really emotional, like he's holding back tears. Man I feel the struggle, I respect his success

  9. Jeevan Reddy says:

    Bruno all the way !

  10. Publicity is great, for sure, but, yeah, this guy reminds me of the creepy-awkward-sex-offender-lurking-in-the-back-alley ways….not sure if publicist did his homework B4 booking this interview.

  11. Crimp says:

    awkward interview. what's wrong with the interviewer? was he on drugs or what? so painful to watch it. wtf. RIP to this show

  12. Megan Sexton says:

    the interview guy is completely awkward like learn to interview and not be weird. good for you bruno. He's amazing love him

  13. How stupid this interviewers.. They suck.. I love you Bruno sorry for the host.. Losers

  14. Nya Payton says:

    Is it just me, or were those ladies looking at Bruno(specifically the blonde one)like he was crazy or retarded?

  15. I've never seen Bruno so serious? ….you could tell he couldn't wait to get out of this interview…poor Bruno!
    Creepy interviewer.

  16. Ando Servis says:

    What the hell is this show? I guess it's German as they have no personality whatsoever. Pleasant, but boring. Bruno had no one to bounce off for humour/banter…..

  17. Marta VT says:

    That people are really awkward… wtf are they looking for? Who are they? hahaha…

  18. Bruno is such a humble guy to have all the patience for this.

  19. pallafox says:

    Someone just woke up and just discovered who Bruno Mars is.

  20. dats a shahrukh khan move bruno

  21. Kevin says:

    He definitely blazed up before this hahaha

  22. mitzi4u1124 says:

    I'm a huge Bruno Mars fan and kudos to him for how he navigated this interview. He definitely gave it a good shot because the interviewer is amazingly dry and not very good. It's like he knew nothing about Bruno Mars before this interview. ?

  23. John beast says:

    got some valuable information, it was a great interview!

  24. C Grant says:

    Skip to 8:49 for the quotation, "That's the hardest question anyone has ever asked me".

  25. I bee says:

    This is so cringe i had to stop the video.

  26. popx 78 says:

    I love U bruno mars

  27. kat ali says:

    awkward shitty ?

  28. why is the guy in the audience first shot checking his mobile?!?!

  29. that's why He said superfreak!!!!

  30. peter panda says:

    lol such a bad host

  31. "It's really all about dancing now." "That's what music is all about." What an idiot interviewer

  32. TubBu TubbY says:

    The long hair lady looks like she tries so hard not to leave her comfort zone. No gamble. No screaming for men otherwise women lose the powers or smth.

  33. Salserajm80 says:

    I agree. Super awkward interview! The ladies did give him judgmental, stuck up, creepy looks to the point I wanted to cringe, and the question about him being poor was unnecessary IMO. "Were you p…p…poor?" Terrible interviewer! They should be asking him questions about his inspirations and passions, and how that contributed to his success.

  34. zombie says:

    the great wall build by donald trump. and mexican created monster to cross

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