Introducing DJ Khaled


The Snapchat King joined Ellen for his first TV interview, and spread plenty of inspiration and positivity.


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  1. they don't want us to not wear a condom

  2. And still hasn't lost weight with personal trainer and chef. Just a DJ version of Flava Flav. A hype man and producer not a rapper or artist.

  3. Denis Hunt says:

    What's DJ Kahled's favorite number? 11, because it has another 1.

  4. God is good thanks so much Ethiopia so sweet good job

  5. if he says himself a Muslim he shouldn't wear gold , its haram for muslims

  6. Chiroptus H says:

    Nobody knows what you're saying !

  7. This nigga is the modern day ghandi ???

  8. Lol he's so innocent XD

  9. Anonymous says:

    Why is he talking like black people?

  10. Guhad YT says:

    he looks like a bumped out sheikh

  11. u K says:

    this is mindless drivel- blank empty meaningless "positivity" doublespeak

  12. Tripp says:

    Deeeeeee jayyyyyyyy khaaaaallllllllleeeeeeeeddddddddd

  13. Twat Central says:

    Anotha one

  14. He is the best I swear…☝?

  15. Every time he says " you know what I'm saying "?
    Ellen says " get fuck are here, you know what I'm saying " ?

  16. nadir dadi says:

    i love you ellen from algeria

  17. enkadu007 says:

    ok I'm not sure I live Japan why does host sound like girl?

  18. Lara Ibrahim says:

    i wish i just could meet ellen <3

  19. mrtpmk says:

    he has good, positive energy, love him.

  20. You know what i'm saying

  21. AzzaTUBE says:

    Its not bragging if its true

  22. Love DJ Khaled , how can you not Love Khaled??

  23. Jamerican 14 says:

    DJ Khaled is a very smart person.

  24. DJ Khaled!!! They never said that winning was easy!??

  25. she an asshloe in real life

  26. you know what I'm sayin

  27. Big Poppa says:

    i am useles
    i am a loser
    i am ugly
    i eat chips
    i play video games
    i smell like a sweaty dog
    u know what im sayin?

  28. No matter how silly Khaled is, you gotta love this guy!

  29. John Scott says:

    Khaleds beard is tight?

  30. 5alidal says:

    The way Ellen was looking at him it looks like she was thinking to herself " Oh yeah, now I remember why I'm a lesbian".

  31. Akram Saaidi says:

    Khaled looks like he smells of $10,000 cologne and "b.o"……..but seriously, this man has an extreme case of "Narcissistic Personality Disorder" that is beyond cringe worthy.

  32. Tobblesmash says:

    He is so delusional

  33. Elias Tekle says:

    Know what I'm saying ?

  34. a ferng says:

    this dude is a clown

  35. danny boy says:

    But but I'm afraid ellen already got the medal of slavery I mean freedom

  36. danny boy says:

    THEY IS THE ILLUMINAT, SEE HOW HE DOES THE PYRAMID after he says stay away from them

  37. Adam B says:

    You are fat khaled, and I am not "they"

  38. What an asshole. Why so cocky? relax dude

  39. J S says:

    I love this man ?

  40. Maha S. says:

    i was waiting for him, to say I brag too

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