Iran Counters Israeli And American Saber Rattling, Says They Might Deploy Military Ships Off US East Coast


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By Madison Ruppert – Editor of End the Lie

According to the official Iranian state media agency (IRNA) the head of the Iranian Navy, Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, has threatened to send military ships off the Atlantic Coast of the United States, representing a marked increase in tensions between Washington and Tehran.

Sayyari reportedly said, “Like the arrogant powers that are present near our marine borders, we will also have a powerful presence close to American marine borders”.

Interestingly, this came in the wake of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization announcing that they will triple the size of an air base near the Iranian border in Afghanistan.

There are many factors that likely influenced the decision to make this statement publicly, so let’s look at a few possibilities.

Late last month I published an article about Israel urging Western nations to present Iran with a credible military threat, which in fact the United States is doing right now.

This antagonizing call from Israel likely did little to reassure Iran that Israel and her Western allies are simply trying to keep the peace.

Furthermore, Turkey just recently announced that they would host the NATO radar system which will, with the help of a plethora of anti-missile defense systems, allegedly be used to spot and disable missile threats from outside Europe from nations like Iran and North Korea.

This system has not only irked Iran but also raised considerable tensions with Russia as they have legitimate concerns over how it will actually be utilized.

Russia has requested that the United States and NATO enter a legally binding agreement saying the system will not be used against Russia but they have been met with stern refusal.

Reuters also points out that if diplomacy fails in getting Iran to stop getting nuclear weapons; America and Israel have not taken the prospect of a military strike off the table.

However, Iran says that their nuclear program is for purely peaceful purposes and despite plenty of fearmongering from Israel and the US, there is zero evidence that conflicts with Tehran’s repeated assurances.

According to Reuters, Iran dismissed Israeli and American threats by saying that if such a strike were to occur they will respond by attacking American interests in the Persian Gulf as well as Israel, which has been claiming that Iran is planning to attack them for years.

Reuters also cites unnamed “analysts” who claim that Iran could carry out hit-and-run attacks in the Persian Gulf and by closing off the Strait of Hormuz.

American interests in the Persian Gulf are plentiful and roughly 40% of all traded oil passes through the Strait of Hormuz, so if Tehran were able to successfully carry out such an operation US national interests could be severely impacted.

Then again, we must realize there are plentiful American allies in the region and we have plenty of launching points in areas surrounding Iran from which we could easily attack.

The Iranian Navy official, Sayyari, did not give any more insight into how many vessels could be deployed or what type of vessels they would be. He also did not give any details on when this mobilization could occur.

One important thing worth noting is that if Sayyari is serious and this actually occurs, this could easily justify a massive preemptive strike against Iran. This would be not only against Iranian ships but against their domestic military facilities and nuclear facilities as well.

Just think of how the Bush regime justified invading Iraq based on false intelligence of non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction. Can you imagine how swift Washington would be to strike Iran if they actually positioned ships off of one of our coasts?

What do you think? Is Iran just flexing in an attempt to fight back against the constant real or imagined threat from Israel and the United States? Or is Iran actually announcing a plan to mobilize off of the US’s East Coast? I would love to hear what you think via email at

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2 Responses

  1. Jos Boersema says:

    Abaddon: I agree, the west and America need a war in case the people start to pressure the ruling class when the ruling class attempts to spring the trap around the people and the national democracy which they have created by organizing – or merely just not stopping – the national debt and the outsourcing of industries. Presumably western ruling classes are upset with European general suffrage and the collapse of the class society of the 1700-1900 years: they want it back. How to destroy national democracy: they seem to have tried (although these are also natural economic developments flowing from greed and stupidity) hollow out the national Democracy its treasury through debt, hollow out western industrial base and the strength of the labor class through outsourcing/offshoring in the third world (China, Iran, etc), and are busy hollowing out national democracy through Empire building which makes it too large to remain democratic, which is the European Union and the increasingly corrupt USA federal Government. It all seems so natural as well, because national debt is created when the people do not pressure enough to tax ‘the rich’ (or just destroy their nefarious positions, something that the American public especially seems centuries away from understanding), and the offshoring/outsourcing will be temporarily profitable for business tyrants, abusing ultra-low wages. Hence I would think it is a combination of natural developments, plus a potential purpose behind it from ppl with the wits to see it (primarily in banking and corporations).

    Then they can attempt, as they are doing now, to push as much as possible of the public services back into the open markets, thus in the claws of the big banks (back to 1800). The labor forces will have a hard time striking, because the factories are in China ! The ruling class can then say: you want to strike, go ahead, we don’t care ! They can also wage a campaign that ‘democracy doesn’t work, look at the national debt implosion – we need to get back to only competent people able to vote, for example people with the competence to own a middle or large size business !”. I do not know if and under what conditions they would dare to say something like that, but when the situation becomes very painful they may try to openly come out with their original aims: destroy social services, destroy national democracy, destroy national democracy, reinstall class society with them on top. They would then be on top and use all the latest gadgets to remain there: a high technological class tyranny. Not something we should be waiting for until we find ourselves surrounded by it

    They then may need something to spring the trap, so that the general public does not learn. The ruling class can not have the general public learning anything, such as that the national debt is a scam, how dangerous it is, or that outsourcing and offshoring is madness. How are they then going to spring this trap against the people in the west, the labor class ? The obvious answer seems: war. You organize a war with the places where the slave-wage countries are, cut all international trade, and that will push the national debt scams and privatizations to page 2 in the papers. While they then rake in the public services, and in the case of Greece even try to own whole islands, they can menace the general public because the general public is all of a sudden cut off from the cheap products out of China and India. With the ruling class in control over this international trade, they can hold the people hostage, and play favorites with it.

    Hence – if this holds some water, either as a class-attack plan by the ruling class, or merely as the natural way these things develop or both – one could make the case that a large enough war involving China and India will be in the near future, presumably before the financial system blows apart under the straign of the national debt so as to provide a smokescreen for the people who will then blame the war for everything.

    Note how war is great for fomenting tyranny and martial law. With the corrupt USA Federal Government in place, and the EU corrupt Imperial European usurper of power (hardly democratic already), they could attempt to wage tyranny from these two points (EU Imperial bureaucracy against Europe, the Washington Imperial bureaucracy against the USA; both in concert with each other as well – possibly behind the scenes in collaboration with the corrupt Chinese and Russian ruling classes to organize this wider assault on the labor and general public classes in the west. The chinese can use the war to increase domestic martial law, and to kill large numbers of people of their own because reportedly think they have too many people.

    I agree with you that it is possible that they are now preparing to pull Iran into attacking the west in a severe enough way so to make the western peoples angry enough to go to war against Iran and its allies. Notably they are using Iran to cause damage, so that through that damage the European and American people may be persuaded to wage war against Iran, China and perhaps Russia and other nations in that area. It is all a set-up in my opinion, because Generals and bankers are not idiots.

    However it being either set-up, natural development or both is not all too relevant in general. It will be revelant for post-revolutionary court cases, but not for what needs to be done. What needs to be done I have written on my site, all free for the cause: please review, please download as well. When the 3rd world war comes, they may have the excuse to destroy the Internet, then most people will be without a plan of action that will work.

    Notably all these alternative sites (including my own!) can and are used by the reactionary enemy to drive home the threat of war to the people. We are doing their work in that sense, preparing the people for the idea of war so that later they will accept it. Unfortunately there is no easy way around that, although I would submit that we should focus on our own Sovereign action and Revolution. Why are the alternatives content with standing on the sidelines, commenting on what is occuring ?

  2. Abaddon says:

    In response to your article, it is inevitable that Iran will be attacked. I would be amazed to think that those in the Iranian government did not think so to! Whether they put ships off the coast of the USA is very doubtful, unless they want to sacrifice one of their naval ships to provoke America into a confrontation that they are preparing for, and wish to take some degree of control over an inevitable situation. Iran can do much damage to the global system, even if it suffers a great military defeat, it can and will do great damage in the gulf region. They are armed like no other middle eastern country, with thousands of missiles aimed at all that is oil, and the movement and shipping of it. This would cripple the global economy and send many nations over the edge into complete breakdown leading to more conflicts spreading around the globe as an Apocalyptic scenario takes place. Then there is the religious aspect of it all, ISLAM, and the already hostile attitude to it all over the white western christian world. The coming attack on Iran will be the catalyst I believe for world war three.

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