Iran dashed US hopes of regime change


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In an effort to stage a velvet revolution in Iran, the CIA has intensified covert operations in the country since 1953.

It has taken Washington three decades to realize that it cannot subvert the Tehran government in any way, says a top Iranian official.

Iran’s Foreign Minister, Manouchehr Mottaki said on Tuesday that Washington’s attempts to promote a regime change in the country have failed largely because of the Iranian nation’s endurance and determination to survive.

Mottaki added that after three decades of plotting a velvet revolution as a means to advance US’ political agenda in Iran, Washington has now acknowledged that it needs to rectify its political doctrine more than any other country in the world.

“There was a time that they tried to intimidate Iranians by flexing their military muscles in the region and publicly advocating their plans to topple the Tehran government,” he continued.

“They eventually failed to root out the Iranian government despite a consistent commitment to do so,” asserted Mottaki.

In recent years, US administrations have attempted to transform strategically vital regions of the world into Western-style democracies, supportive of Washington and US’s global dominance.

Despite Washington’s claims that it has always supported “liberty” and “democracy” in Tehran, the history of US-Iran relations during both the Republican and the Democratic administrations has shown very little support for a democratic Iran.

Earlier in the 1950s, the US spearheaded Western efforts to sanction Iran in response to the nationalization of the country’s oil resources — which until then, had been completely under foreign control.

Taking advantage of the economic collapse and the ensuing political turmoil, the CIA helped orchestrate a coup against the then-prime minister, Mohammad Mossadegh, and returned Mohammad Reza Pahlavi from exile to rule with an iron fist for an extra 25 years.

Some twenty years after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, a former state department official revealed that senior Bush administration officials “had secretly decided to redraw the geopolitical map of the Middle East.”

According to Hillary Mann, who was the director for Persian Gulf and Afghanistan Affairs on the National Security Council staff in 2003, former vice president Dick Cheney and his neoconservative allies, had devised plans to remove every government in the Middle East that they deemed hostile to the US and Israel.

In an effort to destabilize Iran, Washington has so far appropriated more than $120 million to intensify covert operations in the country, while funding and arming pro-US terrorist groups such as the Jundullah and the Mujahedeen Khalq Organization (MKO).

These efforts come in spite of the 1981 Algiers Accords, where the United States pledged to never again meddle in Tehran’s internal affairs.

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