Iran deal angers Obama’s Jewish donors

The newly-struck nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers, including the United States, has put new strains on President Barack Obama’s relationship with Jewish donors who play a key role in Democratic fundraising.

Iran deal angers Obama’s Jewish donors

The “historic” interim deal between Iran and the five members of the UN Security Council plus Germany has angered allies of Israel in the US, according to The Hill.

The deal set the stage for “awkward moments” at a scheduled Democratic fundraiser in Beverly Hills, Calif., Monday night when President Obama addressed a crowd of about 120 donors who paid $16,200 each to attend the event hosted by Haim Saban, an Israeli-American media mogul.

Obama addressed the issue head on, trying to assure his donors that the agreement with Iran was in America’s best interests.

“It’s good for the United States, it’s good for our allies, it’s good for Israel,” he said.

Obama, however, reiterated that he would not “take any options off the table,” hinting at the threat of military force he has frequently leveled against Iran over its nuclear program.

Saban also tried to appease the Jewish donors. “The president’s commitment to Israel’s security has never been stronger,” he said.

Rob Fox, a Democratic fundraiser who supports federal candidates in Pennsylvania, slammed the deal. He said that Iran is “not to be trusted” and “the entire sanctions regime is a function of the fact that they have not been a member of the international community.”

“I see no good reasons given those circumstances you would negotiate an interim deal that gives them any relief,” he added.

The agreement which came after four days of intense talks in Geneva, Switzerland, relaxes some of the economic sanctions for the next six months in exchange for Iran limiting some aspects of its nuclear activities. The deal lays the groundwork for a “comprehensive solution” to the West’s decade-old nuclear dispute with Tehran.

Sen. Charles Schumer, the third-ranking Senate Democratic leader and a member of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), criticized the “disproportionality” of the accord. He said Congress may introduce additional sanctions against Tehran despite the deal.

Jeff Robbins, a Democratic lawyer and fundraiser based in Boston, said the Obama administration took “crude, petulant and harmful swipes at Israel” that were “difficult to understand from a friend.”

“There is a strong concern that in the frenetic eagerness to secure a piece of paper, an eagerness that could not have been more ostentatiously advertised, the United States and others went for a deal which was not consistent with the leverage that we had,” he said.

A Jewish donor to Obama’s campaigns said on condition of anonymity that many Jewish donors were angry with the president for “selling Israel down the river” and for “betrayal of our closest ally in the region.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has repeatedly warned Washington against diplomacy with Tehran, slammed the deal on Sunday as a “historic mistake.”


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  1. I love it when jew control of our country becomes evident for all to see. And this is the main one (of many) reasons to stop paying your federal taxes. The federal government gives over 30 billion dollars a year in cash and weapons to Isntreal. In turn the jews use use that money to buy off the American politicians to do their bidding. These shabbos goy (servants of the jews or “appeasers” as I like to call them) do for the jew first before they serve their fellow Americans. This needs to be abolished. Voting out the S.O.B.s that take jew money won’t work. You have to go to the source. That is either not paying the system the money they need to send to the yids, or by force. By force means that the People rise up against the jews and their ‘lobbies’, obliterating them, then going after the pols who have taken the dirty money. Of course this means war, but there is no other choice. The jews are to entrenched in the system. But it must be done. Otherwise we all, by default remain slaves to these usurpers and appeasers.

  2. watchman48 says:

    When will Americans wake-up to the fact that Pres. Obama is not interested in protecting Israel’s rights to exist… Pres. Obama is Muslim and his desire as those of all Muslim is to see the Jews destroyed….

    • John Cook says:

      @Watchman, you are an idiot.

      • watchman48 says:

        The Lord had said to Abram in Genesis 12:3
        I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”
        Psalm 14:1
        The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”

        In Aug. ’94 I spoke that the terrorist will be back to hit the WTC #2 Tower again and they will take this tower to the ground. I shared this message with thousands until the morning of 9/11/01 all across America… Since Oct. 04 I have spoken the warning of the 2nd of the 3 major attacks for America while also telling of the final attack.
        God has never allowed a destruction of a people or nation before first sending His warnings.. (Amos 3:7)
        God has made His warnings clear to those that seek Him. Neither Pres. Obama nor all of America’s Armed Forces can save America…. However, Christ will save the individual who accepts Him as their LORD.

        To read God’s judgment for America’s future or lack thereof, Google: “ The Message For America, Hand of Help Ministries. ” For what I think will be the 2nd major terrorist attack for America, Google; “ The Eagle and the Serpents, Hand of Help Ministries. ” And again for where I believe will be the location of this 2nd attack, Google: “ The Eagle and Serpents (Part 2), watchman48 BlogSpot com.” Also look in watchman48 BlogSpot com archive Feb. 09 and read this newsletter RFC #101.

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