Iran Escalates Again, Cuts Off Oil Shipments To Spain


Those hoping for a quick and painless resolution to the Iranian question may have just seen their hopes dashed, following the breaking news from Iranian Press TV, according to which not only is Iran not seeking to appease its Western counterparts, but is, in fact escalating. From Press TV: “Tehran has cut oil supply to Spain after stopping crude export to Greece as part of its countersanctions, unnamed sources confirmed on Tuesday.

Tehran also mulls cutting oil supply to Germany and Italy.” “Countersactions” – lovely: another Swiss watch plan by the insolvent developed world. Said otherwise, one can hardly threaten to do something to a country, which is already doing so voluntarily, in the process hurting Europe’s already crippled economies even more by removing the cheapest source of energy for both. Which however begs the question: just how much more Iranian crude are China and India importing despite promises to the contrary, and open warnings from the US not to do so?


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  1. aftab hussain says:

    It looks like that Iran is winning war slowly and in near future Iran will be able to threaten America directly. Thanks to world super power (Now 2nd and going to be broken soon). Iran is making progress economically and in technology, sanctions are playing positive role on Iran global position and its Economy, and negative on america’s and her allies.

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