Iran executes spies working for CIA, Mossad

Iran has executed two spies who worked for the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Israeli spy agency, the Mossad.

Iran executes spies working for CIA, Mossad

The two men, who were sentenced to death by Tehran’s Revolutionary Court, were hanged at dawn on Sunday.

The Mossad agent, identified as Mohammad Heidari, had been found guilty of collecting Iranian classified information and providing the intelligence to the Israeli spy agency in the course of several meetings outside the Islamic Republic.

Heidari had received sums of money from the Mossad in return for the acts of espionage.

The other spy, Kourosh Ahmadi, was convicted of contacting CIA agents and providing them with intelligence on Iran.


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  1. Elaine says:

    I sure hate to hear this. And, Leo, exactly!!

  2. Leo says:

    Tell me this dose not send a clear message to Tel aviv and Washington .

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