Iran is the Final Target for WW3


In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV explains Iran is the final target for World War 3. Website: On Demand: …


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  1. I think you have a pretty unique take on the Iran nuclear deal when you say it has been engineered to fail but I respectfully disagree with you Chris. I know that the alternative media sources, at least the ones I follow regularly (you and Alex Jones) paint this picture of Obama being a globalist who is fully in line with the Military-Industrial Complex. In this view everything he does, even when seemingly conflicts with the end game strategy, is in line with what General Clark claimed was happening. Now I do believe that it has been the core objective for the MIC to do exactly what General Clark claimed it was going to do. We have obviously witnessed this transpire. However, I honestly believe that Obama has a separate agenda here.

    For all of his faults, Obama has had countless opportunities to straight up INVADE Syria. He has not. He has had countless opportunities to BOMB the government in Damascus. He has not. He takes these diplomatic approaches that I think are hard to classify in this narrative. Obama seems to GENUINELY want for the nuclear agreement to work. When Iran was testing the emad rocket in October many were (and have been) calling to increase sanctions. Obama DOES NOT WANT THIS. After the executions that took place in Saudi Arabia, Obama seemed to "side" with Iran by calling out Saudi Arabia for increasing sectarian tensions.

    Now you could say that this is all being orchestrated by shadowy figures, which it very well could be, but I just haven't seen Obama acting in a way that completely agrees with your or Alex Jone's full narrative. If anything can be said, it is that Obama's administration is the administration that has shifted the world power politics. Allies that used to be close are no longer that close. Putin talks with Netanyahu, America cuts deals with Iran, I even have been reading that Saudi Arabia is cooperating with Israel in some things. We live in strange times indeed.

    All of that being said, once Obama leaves office, I can definitely see how the Iran nuclear deal could be capitalized on to bring the inevitable war that you claim it is being orchestrated for. In that, I could see you being correct. And at the end of the day that may be John Kerry's goal, but I honestly don't think it is Obama's.

    Honestly, I am of the belief that any president or king only has a fraction of the power that the pope wields. Even more than Obama, that is the man and the institution (the Vatican) that I watch more closely than ever.

  2. Todd Alfonsi says:

    Let them all kill each other already, isn't the world tired of  these nit wits?

  3. you got it wrong Saudi control government is wahabism not sunni so its wahabi n shia.

  4. Your more about creating a sensation that could addict costumers to your channel, than the simple truth. I could be wrong, but it was my first impression.
    Why would the government need to take the guns from the people when the government already have control for a long time of everything functioning the way they want?!
    We have already been in slaved for a long time, only the conditions changed.
    We got more rights like modern slaves now, than ever before.
    Everything is over regulated except the guns. Even if it starts like total revolutionary war, how do you win against the elite rulers that got the nukes, and who knows what kind of sophisticated weapons?! They got to be at list 100 years ahead advanced in technology, not reveled to the masses, secret programs and the best financed science in the world.
    Guns could be useless, except for manipulating the population into divisions for killing each other.
    I think Obama, Clinton and Bush are much closer to each other, than the political theater they are playing.

  5. Kyle Morgese says:

    but obama is only going after gun show buyers and sellers who trade arms illegally… this is something thats gone unregulated for to long anyway… thats just my .02

  6. King Leo says:

    Hey Chris, For your info Saudi is a Wahabi state not Sunni, there is no issue between Sunni and Shia, both are united against isis and wahabi ideology. Actually it's Wahabies who are trying hard to create fight between Sunni and Shia but they won't be succeeded InshaAllah

  7. A steady plan since ww1, look how the british went into eygpt then Israel and have placed corrupt leaders everywhere they have gone, the deals that have been made with the Saudis for oil, its either sell out or invasion by the british (USA is british ruled), not to mention all the ancient technology's they are after and suppression of our true history, actually a steady plan since Atlantean times.

  8. Joe Schmo says:

    You should stop doin vids and just do ad commercials cuz your vids suck big black monkey butt

  9. Nabil Khalil says:

    Hezbollah a terrorist organisation! Why because they fight against jihadists in Syria supported by Israel and the US. They also defend Christian villages and are in an alliance with Christian political parties in Lebanon. Chris enough of your crap, tell the real truth that the US is also evil.

  10. 72+HourBOB says:

    CUNT will do. Shelley.

  11. Hitler actually lowered age for men to get guns. And once again we have another mouthpiece sidestepping Bolshevik Jewry mass murder mention… I never trust anyone who hasn't got the balls to speak of Jewish Bolshevism… its like they know who they can talk about… towing the line…

  12. rotobo1 says:

    How about my theory.
    Call in Police Greaser.
    Call in Patriot Greaser.
    Call in Neutral Greaser.
    Now, if a Patriot goes down, Hidden Greaser opens up on the cops. If a copper goes down, the Cop Greaser opens up on the Patriots. Then there is the Neutral Greaser, who opens up on the whole pile of EL TORO PO-PO.
    SOLVED. P.s. Keep in mind the locals wont support the Hammonds, because Cowboys tend to have their nose in the air, bigtime! YE-HAA!
    Also, the Hammonds are MULTI MILLIONAIRS!
    It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, that a RICH MAN to go to HEAVEN!
    Pastor Chief General BRANCH

  13. Munj munjo says:

    Obama is trying to save Americans from domestic war, which will happen soon after the financial collapse and ww3.

  14. Hi Thar says:

    Iran and Russia are allied. USA can't invade it without being annihilated, in response, by Russian nukes.

  15. Keltingr says:

    BattlBox lmao…..shipping you junk you dont even need, monthly!

  16. 0Myles0 says:

    More content, less tooting your horn with "I told you so"s.

  17. GREG W says:

    Israel is a final target for WW3

  18. GREG W says:

    I doubt Israel will exist two years from now

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