Iran nuclear deal: 5 things to know


The USA and other world powers announced today an agreement they describe as a “first step” toward preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

Iran nuclear deal 5 things to know

1. Uranium enrichment: Iran agrees to stop producing medium enriched uranium, which represents 90% of the effort to produce weapons grade material, and stop developing new fuel production machines, called centrifuges, which can produce fuel for a nuclear weapon.

2. Heavy water reactor in Arak: Iran agrees not to install critical components or fuel at its heavy water reactor in Arak, which could produce enough plutonium for two nuclear weapons a year.

3. Stockpiles: Iran agrees to neutralize its medium enriched nuclear fuel. Iran cannot expand its stockpile of low enriched uranium, which is now enough to produce at least four nuclear weapons.

4. Safeguards: The deal provides for daily visits by international inspectors to Iran’s uranium enrichment sites in Natanz and Fordow.

5. Sanctions: In return, Western powers have agreed not to impose new nuclear-related sanctions for six months, if Iran abides by its commitments, and to give Iran about $7 billion in relief on oil, gold, auto exports and educational cash reserves.

Source: usatoday

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  1. John Cook says:

    Isn’t that curious, Judaism has exactly the same concept – that there is zero moral issues with lying to a Goyim. The Chosen Ones do it all the time, for example the twenty years or so they have been claiming Iran is just a week away from having a bomb. And how the Iranians are so insane that they would nuke israel despite the two hundred or more nukes Israel has to hit back with. How stupid are you Roy?

  2. John Cook says:

    Distorted info to the point of lying…

    Point one/ Medium enrichment is Not 90% of the “effort” required to make a bomb.  A bomb needs 90% enriched uranium, medium enriched is only 20% – a huge step away from 90%.  In fact they don’t even Have the technology for weapons grade enrichment.

    Point Three/ Medium enriched uranium Can’t make a nuke without further enrichment to 90%. And as explained above they are miles away from that.  So saying “enough for four nukes” is simply disinformation.

    The whole bull about Iran and nukes is just a lie put out by the Chosen Ones to support their intention to destroy Iran so they are the top dog in the middle east region.

    All seventeen American secret agencies agree Iran gave up its bomb ambitions in 2003.  They have not changed their minds, but Bibi just keeps on ranting, on the basis of the Big Lie.  Just repeat a nonsense enough times and it becomes “true”.  And of course the media is owned and controlled by his fellow Chosen Ones so they just keep putting out crap like this.

  3. President Rouhani is using a common strategy known in the Muslim world called, ‘HUDNA’ which means to hoodwink. In Islam it is acceptable to pull the wool over your enemies’ eyes; America and Israel, even if you have to sacrifice telling the world the truth in order to achieve the objective. Thus to President Rouhani, the ends justify the means and by stalling through never-ending negotiations, he intends like former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to achieve a nuclear bomb to wipe Israel off the face of the earth; thus creating an apocalyptic scenario to usher in the 12th Mahdi and Islam’s world dominance.

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