Iran-The Petro Dollar & the Illuminati Beast’s Terminal Illness


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  1. This is indeed your best video … well explained ??

  2. Love your vids,, they teach and make me aware of so much now..

  3. All the pointers are there… Trump is taking you and I into War… Trumps tweets, Irans response.. NATO exercises in Gulf.. all Americans Tweet Trump and tell him… ITS NOT WHAT YOU VOTED FOR… He said no more wars.. bring the troops home.. et cetera. Has Trump pulled a fast one?.. War with Hillary and Russia… or War with Trump and Iran.. in turn Russia… call him out on it y'all… #Brexiteer

  4. DREWKAREOKE says:

    Man these are exciting times to be alive, I am buddies with Jesus , and when ya read about the times, it sure seems to be following, Gods version of things it's just amazing to me. I always pray that I get to see it all, what a story or adventure,we might beleive in different things but we are so lucky to have this life and experience, I for one am thankful for the love,grace,and mercy, take care everyone

  5. Very good presentation! Scary to think about future wars; watch today's video by TruthStreamMedia under the heading of Trump and the new world order; a lot there on war with Iran.

  6. A system designed knowing it to be unsustainable, it's deliberate. We are rats in a lab.

  7. you did a really good job on this one … i like the analogy of a hundred ways to die, lets talk about Petro Dollar…

  8. Momo - says:

    Excellent breakdown. You have a nice way of explaining things.

  9. Algo Rhythm says:

    Hate to be that guy, but I am so looking forward to the crash. Once it crashes we can remake it with morality and honesty. Yes its gonna suck for us but none of us get out of this alive – let's make it as good as we can!
    Nice video btw

  10. Both Jesus and Aristotle labeled usury a crime and a sin. "Money shall not breed money" Aristotle said. Then, um, a certain group of people that has been summarily exiled from 109 countries throughout recorded history keep trying to sneek it in and make it normal. Think about how many people you know that are completely mentally enslaved to debt.

  11. They will keep it going with huge debt just like Japan,the reason is called 30 year mortgages …

  12. Pure Matrix says:

    Good video… England (London) is a rat race

  13. A ticking time bomb for the ages, with the world in the balance

  14. Thank you for the videos sir!

  15. FBI: Pizzagate arrest soon to come in Washington,NY and elsewhere..thank god if this is true..

  16. sheena holly says:

    Debt based system=Dead based system.(A terminal system.) Everything you said is valid. An attack on the Grid brings everything down immediately. Domino effect.¬† Sadly it's reality.¬† Our "TOYS" are at China's expense. Stopping now before I rant……

  17. scovell7 says:

    More of these, fewer 5 minute celebrity videos, please

  18. you make Iran sound weak, a war with them would be very very long and very bloody even without Russia backing them. good video tho

  19. Lee Feriozzi says:


  20. Great video! Very informative.

  21. Mad As Hello says:

    Well, Iran gave a deadline of March 21, so I guess we'll see what happens. You don't think they'll go through with it? I see they're blaming Trump, but we know that's false because they've been trying to get out of this pre-Trump. There was also that 400million (something like that) Obama tried to sneak to Iran–I wonder if that plays into this. What a tangled web! Do you think if we returned to the gold standard we could get back on track? When I heard the news a couple days ago, I asked so many people what they thought and was shocked that no one even knew what the petrodollar is. These are educated, smart people, two of which are in banking. So thanks for putting this out there, I hope you do more like this.

  22. just about every video you say..I think this is going to be the important video you do…I've lost count now…

  23. love your videos, brother!

  24. Amy Muchko says:

    It is impeccable how much information that you are able to share in such a short time. I get as much out of 17 minutes of listening to you than listening to some for an hour.

  25. Lee Feriozzi says:

    OOO, OOO, OOO, PAUL i think this latest sound bite by pres trump is really interesting : when bill orielly comments to trump on trump working in cooperation with putin" but vlad putin is a killer! "and trump responds " there are allot of killers, do you think our country is so innocent ?"this is significant honesty,{or something} i mean what other pres. that you recall would say such a thing? i think. And i hope you can expound on it

  26. damon Port says:

    Americas THE RICH KID OF THE WORLD easily walk down the corner store and get a sandwich but what happens if those convenient stores stop being so convenient cannibalism

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