Iranian Military OPENS FIRE On UFO! 1/21/17


North Pole Coords: 74°35’39.seventy four”S 164°54’44.fifty six”E
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Intro Audio: Spellbound by Kevin Macleod
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41 Responses

  1. Hartono Wang says:

    How hard it must be to find a job in space that alien decided to work as secret agent on earth.

  2. SuNJo0oJo0o says:

    about the north pole, its not the north its the south, antartica.
    you should do a video about antartica and flat earth theory

  3. paul kinsey says:

    lol, you all are hard up on bald headed ugly dudes.

  4. Ray Sikes says:

    I wish the UFO would have opened fire and blew the hell out of Iran! Would have done the world a huge favor and nobody would have got their hands dirty! Maybe next time!

  5. David Enholm says:

    Tyler is just saying that it looks weird to him. EVERYONE else is adding on the rest of what you are arguing about. 6.5 billion people on earth…. you're gonna see some that look interesting… Tyler's just saying… hey  found a couple of them..


  7. you guys are messed up! He's disciplined and he's not creepy!

  8. Blasphemy says:

    i live in colorado and always see those i assume it must be from the air force base doing excerises also the air academy is in colorado….

  9. LaserDroid says:

    UFO: WTF?! This is why no one likes you Iran! We're out of here, jerks.

  10. Man y'all are just making fun of that dude??

  11. There is some sort of building at 3 o'clock!

  12. Tyler, "They" have been here a long time!

  13. Aldo Lim says:

    that poor guy…you guys are simply insulting a man for his looks

  14. Hollywood movie! Go back to sleep/

  15. Phil Remlap says:

    I'm not joking but them guns are obviously not shooting at the unknown object, all the angles are wrong!

  16. Fuck, the Iranian military is going to get us all killed!

  17. DefconOneFX says:

    Why are all your videos 15 minutes?? Get to the fucking point!!

  18. few things I gotta state
    when he pans out of the little dot you can quickly see a line indicating that, that is a cellphone like tower but hey it could be a "illusion", when the people shoot you hear them cheer indicating they could possibly be shooting for fun and jokes. not saying aliens aren't here though

  19. Typical human response to the unknown.


    But sir it doesn't seem to be a threat to us, Shouldn't we wait until…

    I said FIRE!!

  20. HT News says:

    Iranian News also report on this

  21. That Trump pic is like Village of the damned…Every one of them look blank

  22. PPunkk! says:

    they speaking In Farsi that the UFO is so high and they can't hit it and need something else

  23. this isN't UFO, This is a Helicam Flying on Prohibited area

  24. Chetan s says:

    He's m**kin Johnny Sins!!

  25. Elias Romano says:

    wait for it…… Isis has just taken responsibility

  26. secureteam10: Oh look it's a airplane that has blinking lights

    youtube video title: I saw a UFO at night!!!

  27. The looking straight forward stare at nothing (back of head) is the
    way you increase peripheral vision – taking in movements you could not otherwise see if you were focused with interest at one spot.
    The Secret Service are trained in this. It is not unusual and it's only creepy if you don't know what's going on.

  28. 2:11 You're talking about the bald guy and I'm looking at the pair of floating glowing red eyes to the right.

  29. Dennis Duran says:

    Earthlings are just so annoyed to look at other beings different with them..just like a curious cat…only thing is..those cats dont post and complain..they just stare at it..and if it messes wid em..thats a snap of the claw followed wid a meow or a growl..not the other way around…

  30. haman ten says:

    They're shooting a quadrocopter in NFZ you carrot ! WTF !

  31. Dead Icon says:

    What the..Hack ! ! Thats so many of them in the a regular star when we look from land without any scope…

  32. anyone getting a hitman vibe from the agent behind trump

  33. it was a fucking drone guys fuck sakes! my family lives in Tehran! and they're not thinking what it is the they're saying shoot it and pointing at where it's at

  34. Dude, quit smoking that shit weed, and get a job

  35. you don't recognize military bearing, and probably don't know what the U C M J is either, do ya?

  36. Definitely something unusual. They pop out of nowhere. Real UFO sighting.

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