Iranian Military Opens FIRE On UFO Debunked


Secureteam10 released on January 21, 2017, the video clip “Iranian Navy OPENS Fire On UFO”. Regardless he has not produced the UFO video clip he is still accused for telling lies and endorsing hoaxed material. I also analyzed the UFO footage, and I clearly show how the hoaxer manufactured the UFO video clip. Compiling proof, Sources, info and whole tale:

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32 Responses

  1. hey heathcliff great channel. just to say ive always thought there was somthing fishy about secure team glad someone else thinks so to. ill subscribe. best wishes. antonio

  2. jc1990wm says:

    great job…u damn good!

  3. muez k says:

    Outstanding explanation Heathcliff, thank you for the effort in debunking this fraud Tyler … Ken.

  4. Kerem Gogus says:

    This is truly a classic! I wonder one day if he buy one of my stock cartoon ufo illustrations and make a video out of it 😀 That would be a laugh riot.

  5. John Smith says:

    Well done Heathcliff.  A number of comments were posted to the Secureteam page that day, pointing out the inconsistencies in the video and, more importantly, that Twitter and reputable news had openly reported this was a drone hovering close to the Iranian prime minister's house – which is why the militia shot at it.  Additionally, information was also freely available stating a similar drone, operated by a TV channel, had been shot down on December 8th with pictures to prove so.  Strangely, all of those comments were deliberately deleted.  Keep up the good work.

  6. take hike .. why you are trying to hide the truth , let me tell you , I was born in BOLIVIA South America , as a kid I saw and UFO right in front of me ,at the time I did not have a camera to prove it .. I lived 40 miles away from titicaca lake and 35 miles away from Tiawanaku , if you don not know what I am talking about google it , ALL I can tell you , I saw what I saw , I believe wehave been visited by aliens … so Stop all your BS

  7. meta is not real guy you tampert whit it

  8. necro easy says:

    That was some cool editing on that drone video, you the man.

  9. mrjucepa says:

    Gracias, mmm, un vídeo tuyo me dice ser privado en mi país, ¿que significa?

  10. Good catch, thanks for sharing

  11. The Regards says:

    thanks for destroying this asshole agian

  12. Bravo Heatcliff, another K.O. for Stupideteam 10,This guy is a mythomaniac!

  13. Heathcliff absolutely brilliant keep it going my man true Ufologist need people like you and ufo proof. Sooner or later something has to give with his channel but he is not on his own. I sincerely thank you please keep it up but be beware he will be a wounded cornered animal and he will fight

  14. ik ben er ook van overtuigd dat mobile telefoon een ontwerp is van ufo.s de techniek van tegenwoordig gaat er rap

  15. Rob mod says:

    I just unsubscribed ST10 as well. once again, bravo Sir!

  16. NightWave says:

    Exposed that azz ?

  17. dez brouwer says:

    dumb Iranian fucks.

  18. Kamrul 82 says:

    Hey lion I'm a new sub so plz u keep exposing this money hungry nerd who posts fake content on a subject which I have been following and witnessed myself, only for him to mock the topic btw plz ignore his dick riding fans 90% are Tyler the bitch himself. tk care☺

  19. truthB Told says:

    thanks for the great journalism. I just unsubscribe from secureteam 10

  20. fondoftheduh says:

    is it a Google balloon?

  21. I'm always impressed with you're Hoax video break downs, I like how you go through each step and break down a hoax with proven facts. Maybe one day Tyler will give up Hoaxing, but I seriously doubt it… his fans are absolutely oblivious, even when you give them 100% proof they still refuse to believe the facts. Anyhow, thanks for you're efforts, and awesome work!

  22. Heathcliff good job,i hope its ok for you, if i share it on my chanel. links to you be there as well + source

  23. Kenny Mars says:

    Detective Heathcliff takes down the evil scum once again! I will be signing up ??

    Good to know Tyler didn't knock off Ken and can Ken can make further appearances!

  25. ALIEN ADDICT says:

    mate fantastic work. Heathcliff is clearing up the Sky's and when the Sky's are clear that's when the real work can start, don't think people realise how much money is in UFO hoaxing and I'm sure some channel would love that fake UFO video u put together.

  26. Heathcliff your a crack up if you want to be, great debunk mate glade to have resoled that matter

  27. ip freely says:

    great work as usual ?from secret government organization Ken ?

  28. By the way Darin Crapo of UFO planet showed this drone video before ST10 air-ed his clip was taken by him to be legit of a quad drone flying in a no fly zone.. I cant recall the episode but was last weeks perhaps ask Darin in a PM.

  29. LOL nice touch converting it to his (Tyler) fake KEN voice.. healthcliff the funny man.

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