IRS Posts Enforcement Notices for 2014 Obamacare Extortion Payments

Daisy Luther

How warm and fuzzy to call extortion a “shared responsibility payment”.




1. an act or instance of extorting.
2. Law. the crime of obtaining money or some other thing of value by the abuse of one’s office or authority. (source)

The mobsters agents at the IRS have warned Americans that on their 2014 tax returns, they’ll be asked about their health insurance coverage.

IRS Posts Enforcement Notices for 2014 Obamacare Extortion Payments

Your 2014 tax return will ask if you had insurance coverage or qualified for an exemption.  If not, you may owe a shared responsibility payment when you file in 2015. (source)

Doesn’t that sound much nicer than, “If you can’t afford to pay, we’ll fine you because you can’t afford to pay”? The public relations folks for the IRS must have worked overtime on coming up with the term “shared responsibility payment” because this fits the textbook legal definition of extortion.

The Mafia IRS is careful to make certain that you are aware you “need to pay” this.

If you (or any of your dependents) do not maintain coverage and do not qualify for an exemption, you will need to make an individual shared responsibility payment with your return. In general, the payment amount is either a percentage of your income or a flat dollar amount, whichever is greater. You will owe 1/12th of the annual payment for each month you (or your dependents) do not have coverage and are not exempt. The annual payment amount for 2014 is the greater of:

  • 1 percent of your household income that is above the tax return threshold for your filing status, such as Married Filing Jointly or single, or
  • Your family’s flat dollar amount, which is $95 per adult and $47.50 per child, limited to a maximum of $285.

The individual shared responsibility payment is capped at the cost of the national average premium for the bronze level health plan available through the Marketplace in 2014. You will make the payment when you file your 2014 federal income tax return in 2015. (source)

Some people object to the income tax to start with and are engaging in battles with the Mafia IRS over the very principle of such a thing.  But even if you feel that paying taxes is your duty or obligation as a citizen, if ever there has been a reason to balk at paying taxes, this is it.

Basically, if you pay for Obamacare, you get nothing until you’ve already paid $5,000 from your own pocket, meaning that most families spend at bare minimum $7,000 before getting one iota in return. And I don’t know about you, but even with children, we don’t rack up $7,000 in medical bills over the period of five years, more less one.

If you refuse to enroll and pay for Obamacare, you’re supposed to pay the IRS for nothing just because they said so…sort of like paying “protection money” to the Mafia so that they don’t send someone around to burn down your home.

Good luck with that, IRS. If enough Americans refuse to participate in this extortion, then what exactly are they going to do about it? Are they going to kneecap us? Mail us the severed ear of a family member by parcel post? Hold the family cat for ransom until the “protection money” is paid?

The very term “shared responsibility payment” sounds like something from a novel by Orwell; and, personally, I’m not going to “share a responsibility” I had no part in creating. I will not comply.

The US Federal Government is the ideal business model for perpetrating acts of organized crime on innocent people. And one of these days, those innocent people are going to fight back, either through non-compliance, civil disobedience, or other means.

Daisy Luther is a staff writer for The Daily Sheeple, where this first appeared

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  1. I’ll make it plain and simple: You are an absolute idiot if you pay FEDERAL taxes. While state taxes (may) benefit your state locally, federal taxes just feed the corrupt beast. Why pay to lose your freedom? You have to be a complete moron to do so. STOP PAYING FEDERAL TAXES. STOP FILING FEDERAL TAX FORMS. There. No confusing that.

    On the flip-side prepare to fight. Link up with others of the same mindset so that when one of you is attacked by these IRS thugs, the rest come to your defense. –

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