Is DISNEY Getting Too DARK? [Documentary]


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  1. Bright Star says:

    Hey. Twelve year old here.

    I think it's all about balance between the two. The most satisfying thing is something that portrays the darkness of this world, but still shows the white side of things. No extreme is good, that's just how it always works.

  2. Katie b says:

    I was really surprised that in Zootropolis (Zootopia) had endless drug reference's in. It's a kids movie for goodness sake, not some adult crime series. I don't know what Disney where thinking but actually, I loved the movie. I don't know about any other people who read this but I loved it.

  3. JustSarah says:

    Disney is not getting to dark.. if tht is the case it has always been dark… Me and my sisters used to be so scarred by Pinnochio (and that is literally one of the firt movies)… this video is just kind of making an elephant out of it all

  4. IMO Disney seems to be a little lighter than it used to be. The Black Cauldron was very dark and that was in the 80s. Heck in Snow White we get skeletons in a dungeon (which body positions suggested they died in agony), the Queen's spell/transformation, the design of the vultures, and the Queen mocking the fate of a dead prisoner by kicking a pot towards him shattering the skeleton. Maleficent stated that she will use "all the powers of Hell." So no, Disney is far from being too dark today.

  5. It's better this way because kids are just too naive. If movies don't portray the real world, children won't know why the world is so bad when in reality its not as bad as they think. Not everything is gonna turn out how you want it or it might not even have a great ending. All that matters is that you thrive to be the best you can be and that is a great lesson. I wouldn't want to mature in a nature of unrealistic morals anyway and I love Disney. Though I may be biased at the age of 4020 days but it's better I have an actual grip on reality. Also all most all original stories of “fairy tales” are much much more 'darker' than the stories of today. They were Grim Brothers for a reason.

  6. Tangle came out 6 years ago. I feel old :(

  7. Night venom says:

    But there new ones are way more interesting ♡3♡

  8. YOU RUINED MY CHILDHOOD I MEAN IM ONLY 11 WHY DID U DO THIS TO ME!!!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!?????????????????????????????????????????????

  9. Here is another vid you should look up Are People Thinking Everything is Too Dark??

  10. hahaha tangled scary. I remember watching the little mermaid as a kid and i found Ursula really really dark and scarythe scene where she gets stabbed and electrocuted, how is falling of a cliff any more scary :P

  11. Chris Miller says:

    Kids are smarter these days and can handle it.

  12. NylaTheWolf says:

    I think you just ruined Wreck-It-Ralph for me XD

    I'm really glad I'm not the only one who found Frozen dark.

  13. Flora Gaines says:

    i wish i could dislike this 23,961 times, ITS CALLED "REALISTIC" GET A BRAIN TRANSPLANT!!!!!!!!!!

  14. The entire synopsis of Frozen is exactly what it is like living as someone in the LGBT community. As a trans woman, every word you spoke was my life. "Conceal, don't feel" was delivered more along the lines of, "You need to be 'normal'." That is why the movie was so powerful for the LGBT community. We all have dealt with similar circumstances regarding Elsa's feeling.

  15. Hannah H. says:

    Kids need to learn this all eventually, like death. You know how I learned about death? When I was like 3-4 and watched Charlottes Web. I was scared to think about it, now I know its the way of life. Just like some of these 'dark' themes.

  16. 1. Rapanzel is my favorite Disney princess movie BCZ OF THE DARKNESS
    2. Reck it Raulph was awesome! and one of Disneys best ideas!

  17. I think that it's actually better for everyone if Disney tackles tough subjects. It gives children something that they will actually use in real life. A lot of people think that the point of Disney movies is to entertain, but it's just as important to teach lessons.

  18. To be fair most of the fairy tales that Disney movies are based on are at least 50x more dark. Most of them feature things like rape, self-mutilation, and murder.

  19. um, i remember a classic disney movie about an evil uncle that kills his brother and attempts to murder his nephew..

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