Is it Illuminati or is is the Anonymous Collective?


This Documentarily is a collection of video found on the internet I added parts that was left out “That should not have been left out but was left out” I believe it was …


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  1. dee jay says:

    im telling you, requiem for a dream is going to be dubbed the song for illuminati exposure documentaries.

  2. what ever they du at the end JESUS [ΙΗΣΟΥΣ] is the winer greetings from Hellas [Grecce]

  3. thuvia jones says:

    cant watch, the video hitches

  4. Oh, Gaia worship. No thank you!

  5. Well, shit. My blood type is AB- and I am apparently an alien.

  6. As much I have tried hard to find a good video on this subject, I have been disappointed countless times

  7. Thank you so much for this Documentary, extremely helpful and eye-opening, amazing work and keep filling us in with on this topic.

  8. Johnny D says:

    This is the realist documentary ive ever seen every piece of information was enlightening 

  9. Johnny D says:

    The final speAch is uplifting 

  10. You should have left of the alien stuff at the very end. It kind of ruins the credibility of your entire message. But you are right on track with all of this. I know this lecture is accurate in its facts. I have a book written by a man in 1971, Richard T. Osborne, about all of these very facts even about Albert Pike's plan. The book is called The Great Conspiracy and it deals with the Illuminati and the Luciferian church. All of the details this professor gave are included in this book. Very scary stuff.

  11. okuradani says:

    The fucked up religious/lizard-fearing mumbo jumbo is tedious. But the "Mr. Science" segment toward the end was pretty cool…

  12. So with agenda 21 are the old people just going to go to the Doc's office for a pill or something I don't get it. Don't these people know that no one needs to  die early or starve this world is FUCKED. It makes me sick to think that its us thats causing this if there was one thing that would make me take my own life would be in hope that some of these people could get the help they need even just one would be worth it. I can't imagine that some people can be as cruel as to cause these unbalances in the world could you imagine how far ahead we would all be if we let people grow equally and let everyone contribute equally. there doesn't even need to be war, past or in the future

                           WHY CAN'T PEOPLE JUST SAY STOP
                                     AND END THIS CONTROL
                               OVER EACH OTHER AND LIVE IN
                         PEACE, LOVE AND CONCERN FOR OUR
                          FELLOW MEN, WOMAN AND CHILDREN

  13. judah1er says:

    2:13:30, so that's your proof that anonymous is agenda 21?? Just cuz they took the u.n logo and made it their own. I'm callin b.s on that one. I'm not a fan of anon but if ur gonna discredit them get something better than that, that proves nothing.

  14. This documentary in my opinion is very worthwhile. It describes the world very well as unbalanced for our children to grow up in.

  15. upperly heart breaking 2:14:00.

  16. It isnt just sam and esther there are nations of starving children just like them. Yeah fuck it we will just have another war to steal resources of nations with the most helpless people. How does it go we should be judged by the way we look after the most disadvantaged in our society?  Sam and esther are in our society folks.

  17. Skibum Willy says:

    Promote this idea that fixes the whole entirety of the system, and mankind's mission here? An inheritance CAP realigns everything! See it debated, and be haunted by the simplicity of this one simple rule tweak we can demand!  
    Inheritance CAP

    yeh, satan aliens,illuminati,gold going to 10k an ounce-where will it all end?

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