Is Obama The Antichrist – Barack Obama Antichrist Evidence 2016 With 100% Proof


In this end of the world video, you will know the answer for the most asked question in the prophecy world: Is Obama the Antichrist. After watching this video, you …


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  1. no he is a puppet, the antichrist will be jewish

  2. and the false prophet is Stephen Hawking

  3. 5 flapjacks says:

    There will be no such person as Mr AntiChrist. The New Testament verses dealing with that phrase is referring to any person who rejects Jesus as their personal savior. That's all. Verses in the old is actually talking about the false prophet, who was/is Mohammad…The 200 year old way of looking at Biblical prophecy was and is in error. Its best to clean the slate and start all over, as i did 10 months ago…I am sure there are Bible teachers who are doing this although i am only aware of one…Joe Cortes Joe has over 220 videos titled "the last days". They are all free..for anybody who might be interested in redoing their end times beliefs.

  4. You know the world needs help when there's a 28 minute long video on how Obama is the antichrist lmaoo

  5. Sharon Reis says:

    Jonathan Kleck is a FALSE Prophet!

  6. Sharon Reis says:

    The rest of the video is good!

  7. littlemamagk says:

    GOD put Obama in the White House..:)

  8. Bunny Gypsy says:

    he is evil and a muslim….sent here to destroy America…the devil himself.

  9. J. G. says:

    Don't thank Satan thank god fuck Brock oboma Brock if ur watching this chat cmon bring it on to me gods with me

  10. Islam wasn't around in the states in 1776 obama is retarded. .Muslims have been apart of our heritage since are founding.

  11. If the Antichrist is supposed to be a Jew, Netanyahu fits the description a lot better than Obama – the right wing's favorite  whipping boy. Must be because he is black and the Repubs have vilified him from the first day – McConnell vowed the GOP would prevent him from accomplishing anything – and they did.

  12. ISIS is the the group taken from the worst of al Qaeda and trained, equipped by the US, UK and Israel and their intelligence services – CIA, MOSSAD, MI6, MI5.

  13. FrenZie says:

    As much as I hate Barrack Obama, a lot of this is taken out of context, especially the part when he claims he's God.

  14. you people need to grow up! Obama has done a lot to save our country from the hell Bush put us through.

  15. Honestly what do you think will happen, when he is is out of office? Anyone???????

  16. this is stupid, if you beleave this so r u

  17. 2+2=4

  18. Obama is not the Antichrist you racist fuck you would talk like that against the only black president we will ever have white man ,white man when will you see the truth ….the person that you really hate is you ,and you are your own ill say it again you are your own worst enemy and if you don't change you are going to be the reason this world ends because your evilness has no limits and knows no end may god forgive you cause it's too late to help you.

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