Is the Snow Natural, or the Result of a Geo-Engineered or HARRP Attack?


The surprise storm that has largely crippled the southeastern US has generated a buzz online as people post videos of the snow’s weird characteristics.

People all across the country have recently began posting videos, and photo’s, of snow that will not melt. Some people are even reporting that the snow has a strange odor, like chemicals. Is the snow natural, or the result of a Geo-Engineered or HARRP attack?

Is the Snow Natural, or the Result of a Geo-Engineered or HARRP Attack

There are some videos going around that claim to show that recent snowfalls are somehow “fake”, because when people try to melt the snow with a lighter or blowtorch, they are surprised by the results.

There is no doubt in many minds, that there is some sort of geo-engineering going on across the Nation, and around the world.

What we do not know, is the specifics behind it, and what the purpose is.


We do know however, that the strongest weapon any military could posses is one that can manipulate the weather at will.
Snow is more air than water. And the colder it is, the more air (and less water) it has in it


Fake Snow? Be cautious for your children


Fake Snow that won’t melt is really Nanobots 2014

FAKE SNOW in Virginia Beach too! WTF

“Try To Light Snow On Fire And It Does Not Melt!!!”

From: [NameRedacted]  Doesn’t Melt (Stunning Video) | Strange

Ok, I tried it. I have no BIC  lighter so I used a match.  Yes, it  DID turn black but did somewhat melt. Put in micro wave and did melt. Snow left in the dish to melt, is NOT melting. Strange. Anyone that has a BIC lighter let me know what happens. My chemistry is weak. Could it be the higher temperature of a bic lighter is affecting the snow differently than a match.? I have noticed that has the snow is melting, there is very little moisture on my side walks. Usually I have had to put Down a lot of salt which I have not done this winter. Just Checked on the dish of snow again. It is disappearing, there is NO moisture in the dish. Shouldn’t there be Be some? I think there should be. Anyway, too bad I am not teaching because then I  could have my kids repeat the experiment that have a stronger physics and chemistry back ground than I do. 

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Dear Susan Duclos, I read your article about geoengineered snow. I decided to try it. However I don’t have a BIC lighter that works.  So  I did the experiment a little differently.  Below are my findings.  I was wondering if anyone else noticed these other odd occurrences.  I don’t know if anyone noticed that the ‘naturally melting snow’ leaves no moisture.  Ok I checked again. There is moisture at the very end and some black goop. As the snow melts, the bottom snow is so very very dry that it absorbs the moisture until the very end. This snow is a very dry snow. That is probable happening with melting the snow at higher stronger temperatures with a lighter. Might be an explanation.

[Update] Another email forwarded to me by a background source:


I’ve been reading and observing the story(s) and videos concerning the odd snow. I’m located in the northern suburbs of New York City.

I just reached out the window and plucked up a small piece of ice/snow off the window sill. I then placed a Bic lighter under the piece to attempt to melt it as done in the videos. I melted a little bit but what really
surprised me was the strong pungent chemical odor! It’s still in my nasal 5 minutes later.

[Update] Another forwarded email from someone that is finding anomalies in the snow after experimenting with it.

[Name Redacted],

I live north of Atlanta. I watched the video made by Dahboo7 (the link is below) who had been receiving emails saying that this stuff isn’t ‘snow’ and that it ‘burns, leaving a burnt plastic smell’. Well, I went outside and scooped some up. First of all, real snow freezes hard with temps. around 13-15 degrees as we’ve been having. Second, it’s still a ‘powder’ two days after it fell. I used a lighter on it, unclumped, and it burns. Yup, it smells like burning plastic. It sat in a bowl in my 73 degree inside temp home and barely melted. I stirred it up with a spoon and it made a sort of ‘surfactant gel’ that moves as one piece. That’s why only 2″ of ‘snow’ totally paralyzed Atlanta and other cities. My son drove to work on Tuesday and went up a steep hill on a local highway. Before he left for work I went outside with a ruler and measured one inch of this ‘stuff’. He said that cars were sliding all over that hill with only one inch of this stuff on the ground.

You need to be having folks collect samples of this stuff to send to independent labs. I believe that it was plane distributed as a powder over cloud seeding procedures. THAT’S why the Weather Channel is so p.o.ed as they were blamed for Atlanta’s mess by ATL Mayor K. Reed. I think that this was a ‘drill’ just to see what would work in order to stop mass evacuations. Now we know.

(Video added below the first one)

[Update] Reader email and picture after trying his own test.

Hello, I saw your article on the chemical snow and I did my own test. I live in Toronto, Canada and I got the same black snow with no melting and a definite chemical odour. I just took a pic which I attached. I have been speaking out about geo-engineering and chemtrails for years now and took a lot of flak for it … but I am now having some of those nay sayers start to ask me questions. I will also attach a pic of some crazy wave clouds we had two weeks ago that everyone thinks I photoshopped.

The cloud pictures will be shown at the bottom of the article.

[Update] Reader email from Montana:

On 01/30/2014 05:41 PM, Amethyst wrote:

Even as wet as our snow is, when putting a lighter to it, it had the same shrinking affect with no water and same charring, which even an ice cube out of the freezer does.

On 01/30/2014 02:07 PM, Amethyst wrote:
these people need to get a big pan and pack it with snow, depending on the water content will determine how much water they actually get. I had a fully packed pan and only got about 1/3  of a pan of water. That means we have some good wet snow. And see if it still has the odd smell when heating it slowly on the stove. to high of temps will cook it off in  steam. If you have this person do that in Atlanta(?), let me know the results.

[Update] Reader email, with a photo, below.

This is ‘snow’ from Richlands,Nc straight from our porch. We burned, used body heat,used salt, hot water, and ultimately microwaved it even after it sat for 45 minutes with little melting. The smell was very strong as well.

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8 Responses

  1. Jayeles says:

    The stinking smell on the snowball is the butane from the lighter.
    The blackness is from the butane, also, because it doesn’t burn clean.
    I have had a snowball sitting 6-inches in front of a large space heater running full blast for 10 minutes and no sign of wetness, yet. The snowball is changing shape, however, and appears to be shrinking. And if I squeeze the snowball, water comes out – like it was a wet cottonball, or something. Still, I assume that that is normal.?

  2. aj weishar says:

    One more observation on the funny powder from space, it does not melt like regular snow. Northeastern Ohio had mid 40’s temps and steady rain all day. The snow is still on the ground. Normally, the heat and pounding rain would leave swamped streets and lawns. Even the snow in the streets that was hit with chemicals last night did not completely melt. The mix of salt, ice melt, and an inch of rain should have dissolved everything. Where’s “Breaking Bad” when we need a chemist?

  3. Zoroaster says:

    Hey people,
    It is time to stop complaining and is time to take action. Do you know anyone who flies the planes that are dumping this stuff? Mid so, you know what to do. Do you know the people who are manufacturing this stuff? Then you know what to do. It boils down to one issue…..IT IS GONNA BE EITHER US OR THE CROOKED BASS TURDS WHO SURVIVE. you all decide. When the people developing, manufacturing, spraying, and paying for this stuff that is killing us begin to reap the rewards of their behavior they might just reconsider what they are doing. Sorry folks, but I have NO sympathy for the pilots or anyone else. They know that they are spraying toxins, yet they continue to do the job of these murdering globalists. Humanity will be eliminated by the globalists. They want to kill 7 billion of us who they label as useless eaters. Look at you kids, your parents and DECIDE! Are you going to allow these criminals to destroy them?

  4. aj weishar says:

    Just tested it with a Bic and a candle, here in Northeastern Ohio. Got the same result. As it diminishes outside, there’s very little water or puddling. Very low water content and the stuff just gets singed. That indicates chemicals in the mix. Folks need to get this stuff to a lab. And don’t eat it!

  5. WITH says:

    Hnmnm, the descriptions seem to me to indicate some form of plastic This includes the pictures of the material. I advise no one breath in the gases that one smells as the material “melts”, as it might be extremely toxic. Which brings up – Has anyone taken the stuff to an independent chemist to have it chemically tested? Anyone with an answer to this question may e-mail me directly at:

  6. mark says:

    I’m from North East MD and we just experimented with this snow and have the same results it don’t melt and it smells like plastic definitely harrp engineered

    • WITH says:

      Whoops, Mark, I did not see your comment before I submitted mine. Anyway, I agree with you, as should anyone that has burned a plastic bag, for example. And, I reiterate that the gases given off by burning or melting plastic are extremely toxic.

  7. 5 War Veteran says:

    I tried the burning snow with a chunk of ice from this storm. Ice because it fell as ice in my region.
    It blackened and smelled bad. It did not melt like normal ice when heat was applied. I am quite sure that this is chemically nucleated precipitation because we were hammered with chemtrails in the days before the “storm”.
    As a member of the US Military I can confirm that ChemTrails did not exist before 1996. Having lived my life around aircraft and having witnessed the military skids used for military applied chemtrailing I can confirm that ChemTrailing is a fact and not a conspiracy.
    As for the idiot douche bags that suffer from Cognitive Dissonance or have sold their souls to government sponsored trolling blow it out your asses somewhere else.

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