Is The U.S. Preparing To Militarize The Streets Of America Or Invade Mexico?


Where are they going and WHY?

One quick note as I watched this video: All of the vehicles being transported are painted the original ‘OD Green’ and not ‘Desert Tan’ like they would be if they in transport to/from the Middle East.

Could the U.S. Military be transporting these ‘Weapons’ to the US/Mexico border to fight the Mexican Cartels and the “War on Drugs”? We already know that U.S. Special Ops teams have moved into Mexico.





This could very well be the case, however; I believe with the Predictions of 2012 and the ‘End of the World’ only months away,  there are other motives that could very well be unfolding right before our eyes.

We already know that the U.S. has been arming local police with heavy weaponry.

It has become clear now that local PDs are stockpiling some seriously dangerous doodads free of cost as part of a little-known program from the Pentagon. You can thank Uncle Sam, the Department of Defense and your own American tax dollars for the 1033 Program, an initiative that is giving hundreds of millions of bucks’ worth of military hardware from the DoD and putting it in the hands of your favorite neighborhood cop.

via: RT

Total Collapse:

America and the World for that matter has been in an Economic downward spiral for years and with Collapse comes civil unrest. Riots and massive demonstrations take place and people fight for basic necessities. Massive FEMA detainment camps are already being setup and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) will allow American Citizens to be detained indefinitely with no Constitutional rights. Also currently on the table in the House of Representatives (HR 3166) and the Senate ( S 1698) is the Enemy Expatriation Act.

America is preparing for War and the War will not be fought on Foreign Soil but in your own front yard.

Open your eyes and ears. We are in for a long and rough ride. Prepare now!

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  1. brutalbrital says: do you de-stabilse the worlds economy? de-stabilising the largest economy in the world. (who is the largest…USA)
    Q2.why de-stabilise the world economy? A2. To user in a New World Order
    Q3. Why bring in a New World Order?
    A3.To eradicate the un-needed, excess population ( thats about 6 billion of us) so that those of the elite, who control the wealth and power get to keep it and those who are left can be controlled and enslaved in ‘their’ idea of eutopia.

    Is that plain enough for you, the power is the people’s, power to the people…
    listen and watch everything, believe nothing and start to organise your groups now we all need each other if we are to survive a a free race of humans

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