Is The USA Starting World War 3?


For all its importance in supporting democracy around the world , the US strategy of using military intervention to impose their political systems in other countries …


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  1. Ryan Stewart says:

    Did u see how fucken stupid those hajies are at the end of the video. Fire travels up so if u dump gas on a flame dont keep ur hand up there. Jesus those people are retarted 

  2. Laila Jannat says:

    fainal fanish work.

  3. Rob Q says:

    Lol so many anti-america hipsters dieing for this to be true – A Brit

  4. Nvr Dwn says:

    If Russia and China work against the USA together, we're fucked.

  5. mars2071 A says:

    Obama is doing all he can to make world countries and regions in wars while Isis expand , , , two nations will stay Isis and Chinese , , , no more animals no ore resources only Chinese and Isis , , , 4th world war will be between Chinese and Isis with knifes and Chinese will eat all Isis, , , 5th world war will be between Chinese themselves eating each others till they finish, , this planet is an asshol , , and we better learn Chinese to live a little longer ?

  6. Ben Z says:

    I don't think a World War would ever start, too many people fear it. Only a truly devoted cult of personality based country, like North Korea, is a possible catalyst. Thankfully they are not exactly in a position to nuke America YET. They are getting closer by the day.

  7. XxVidzxX says:

    So basically.. The US is fucking itself?

  8. Han Manse says:

    just ready of any possibility of ww3!

  9. madcunt Face says:

    i dont think america realizes how pissed off europe are getting over americas recent bullshit. if a US and russia conflict occurs, i'd stand by europe however only if europe doesnt get involved or sides with russia, because the US is a piece of shit country in which the citizens need to retake and take control of

  10. 3:50 And where exacly is this coming from? Do you have a source? This is pure bullcrap..

  11. Ok so in WW3 what continent,state, or nation would be the best place to hide out in and survive till after the war? I'm a little bit scared right now D:

  12. I just imagined walking by my school's campus without much care, when all of the sudden you hear alarms. Then I see bright explosions from a distance. And I hear something above me, a descending whistle sound. I can't think of what's happening fast enough, all I can think is that two people have caused my death. Political leaders are playing God with all of us.

  13. blasphemy18 says:

    lets just send 10 nukes in russian 20 nukes in china and kill all of them… same day, would seal the fucking deal …fuck the nuclear winter if we all gotta go we all gotta go

  14. ww3 will never happen, nowadays chickens are not like those great people who fought in WWI and WWII.

  15. The only thing that would make USA go to war is if Donald trump wins the presidential election

  16. What happened to Reagan's Star wars nuke defense system? we need a president like Trump to keep us safe

  17. The video is clearly by a china loving brit who is on his knees to the communists, disgusting

  18. WormholeJim says:

    How about China – are THEY starting 3rd World War? The poster for their Space Agency at the 2013 China Industrial fair did show a globe with a blooming mushroom-cloud sitting on it, after all. Maybe they got a plan of sorts that involves nuclear holocoust on some level.

  19. America isn't a declining superpower it's just not growing at a fast rate

  20. And the Nazi's fit the definition for a terrorist group.

    The U.S. Code of Federal Regulations defines terrorism as "the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives" (28 C.F.R.

    They are hurting about 6 million civilian jews, which furthers their political goal (Ethnic cleansing)

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