Is There A Global Water Shortage?


Most US citizens don’t even think about water shortages and if they do they think it’s a local problem. We don’t let these problems bother us, we think they’ll be handled by rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. The water feuds that do arise (Arizona &California) will be resolved through negotiations or in court.

Lets shift our attention from local to a global perspective on water and things change drastically. 40 percent of the world have no access to water, 80 countries now have water shortages reported by The World Bank. We can’t always expect the water shortages to be resolved.

Many countries receive water from rivers that cross borders of hostile neighbors. The Middle East with all of it’s hostility between nations places a high priority on adequate water supplies. The Financial Times of London states: “Water, like energy in the late 1970′s,will probably become the most critical matural resource issue facing most parts of the world by the start of the next century.”

The ever increasing world population is the main cause of the water shortage. According to The World Bank, world wide demand is doubling every 21 years. Climate changes are also having an effect. Experts claim that the climate change will make water even more scarce. Since 1900, there has been a six-fold increase in water while our population increased two fold. Currently the world population is 6 billion. By 2050, projections are 9 billion, where is that water going to come from?

Also, something else to think about… how clean do you think your water supply is? Your body is 80% water, I think it’s worth taking the time to monitor your water quality. Do you realize you can only live about 9 days with out water. You can survive months with out food. Water is your highest priority for survival, more than food, energy or shelter.

I can go on and on, I think you get the message. If your interested in learning more watch the video below. Here’s what we’ll discuss:

✔ Stating the facts
✔ Global perspective of the water shortage
✔ Possible threats to our water system
✔ Preparing yourself for threats
✔ Water Quality
✔ Water Sources
✔ Treating water
✔ Storing water
✔ Water Filtration


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