Is THIS real reason Obama’s confronting North Korea?


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Pivoting toward Asia as China eyes ‘new economic world order’

Is the Obama administration’s military build up in the Pacific part of the president’s so-called pivot-toward-Asia strategy, a move that could demonstrate the biggest shift in world power since World War II?

Specifically, is Washington using the North Korean nuclear standoff as an excuse to shift massive military might to Asia just as China and other powers seek to create a new economic order that would rival the Western-dominated World Bank and International Monetary Fund?

 Is THIS real reason Obama's confronting North Korea

It is difficult for most seasoned observers to explain why Obama is suddenly responding to North Korean aggression when the White House did little in 2008 when North Korea refused to allow United Nations inspectors into its nuclear plants.

The Obama administration also took little action when North Korea in 2009 carried out at least two nuclear tests, one of which is believed to have been the cause of a magnitude 4.7 seismic event.

The White House did not allow the U.S. military any significant response when in 2010 North Korea torpedoed a South Korean navy ship, killing 46 sailors. North Korea then shelled a South Korean island with little U.S. reaction.

Now, purportedly in response to aggressive action by North Korea’s new leader, the White House is sending to Singapore a new class of warship designed to fight in coastal waters.

The Pentagon also announced that it will deploy a missile defense system to the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam to strengthen regional protection against a possible attack. This after the Obama administration largely canceled a similar defense system intended for Europe.

U.S. warplanes, including fighter jets, U-2 spy planes and an A-10 attack jet, were seen flying in South Korea yesterday as part of a massive joint military exercise.

The U.S. says it stands “poised to respond” at the border of North and South Korea, where American troops are on high alert amid possible further Pentagon build-up in the region.

U.S. military ‘rebalance’

Why is the U.S. now responding to North Korea?

Time magazine says the “U.S. pivot toward Asia – and the potential for confrontation with China – became a little more real this week with the arrival of a new class of warship designed to fight in coastal waters.”

That pivot has been declared by the Obama administration itself – a professed strategy of putting a greater focus on the Asia region.

Earlier this week, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel “made clear the U.S. and the Department of Defense remain committed to the rebalance towards the Asia-Pacific region,” Pentagon spokesman George Little said after a meeting between Hagel and Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Hagel told Loong that “in the future there will be even more opportunities for closer collaboration between the US and Singapore,” Little said.

‘New economic world order’

The U.S. military shift comes as the so-called BRICS countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – seek to create a monetary system to rival and even surpass the West.

While it received little U.S. media attention, last week at its fifth annual summit the BRICS group unveiled what it said was a new development bank aimed at breaking the monopoly held by Western-backed institutions.

The bank would use $50 billion of seed capital shared equally between Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa but would clearly be dominated by China.

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave support for the bank while India’s trade minister said BRICS will “have a defining influence on the global order of this century.”

“It’s done,” said Pravin Gordhan, South African Finance Minister, last Tuesday, adding that “we made very good progress” on the formation of a World Bank-analogue development agency

Iran’s Press TV described the deal this way: “The BRICS bank will present an alternative solution to the Western-dominated global banking system comprised of the Bretton Woods institutions – the World Bank (WB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF).

“The new bank will provide a collective foreign exchange reserve and a fund for financing developmental projects in order to address the needs of emerging and poor economies.”

Press TV reported, “BRICS members say the current global balance of power is unworkable, with institutions such as the WB, the IMF and the United Nations Security Council irrelevant in addressing matters concerning global economics.”

Under the deal, the two largest economies of the emerging power groups, China and Brazil, agreed to remove nearly half of their trade exchanges out of the U.S. dollar zone – a significant blow to the U.S. dollar.

Some in the U.S. are skeptical the BRICS moves will actually work.

Joseph S. Nye, a professor at Harvard University, wrote in The Australian newspaper: “Tellingly, the meeting in Durban failed to produce any details of the structure of the proposed new development bank, suggesting that little progress had been made in the year since the BRICS’ last meeting in New Delhi, where the plan was announced.”

Continued Nye: “In fact, despite a commitment to launch “formal negotiations” to establish the bank, disagreements about the size and shares of the bank’s capital have not been resolved.”

The New American took the other side, arguing the BRICS bank is a step closer toward a world government.

“Aside from a planetary fiat currency and central bank, the erection of a true world government was at the heart of BRICS regimes’ machinations outlined in their final agreement.”

The publication pointed out the BRICS declaration at the end of last week’s summit included, “We reiterate our strong commitment to the United Nations (UN) as the foremost multilateral forum entrusted with bringing about hope, peace, order and sustainable development to the world.”

See a report on the BRICS summit:

The BRICS statement added, “[W]e reaffirmed our commitment to the promotion of international law, multilateralism and the central role of the United Nations.”

BRICS clearly sees a reshaped economic world in which government-run companies play a significant role.

“We acknowledge the important role that State Owned Companies (SOCs) play in the economy and encourage our SOCs to explore ways of cooperation, exchange of information and best practices,” the declaration states.

“As the global economy is being reshaped, we are committed to exploring new models and approaches towards more equitable development and inclusive global growth.”

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  1. Archie1954 says:

    Nye is an American propagandist and anything he says should be read with that in mind.

  2. Archie1954 says:

    I hope and pray that the US loses its focus on Asia, because unfortunately, whatever area of the world the US decides to focus on, suddenly experiences thousands upon thousands of deaths and unbelievable destruction. Why do you suppose that is?

  3. phugemawl says:

    Could this just be another smoke screen for the elite to launder their trillions when the big crash eventually arrives?

  4. carl says:

    in a free market their is competition, and that makes for a better product and lower cost of doing business.The control of the money supply should not be in any central bank or group of banks ,Bravo its about time now the dollar will have to support itself for a value.The Fed. will have to stop devalueing our currency or risk making our banking system collapse.

  5. avid says:

    “While the idea is strong & warranted”. And that’s just what it is GJS . Its something that was bound to happen . The Us and its poodles have become extremely corrupt and evil. Why would any sound minded person or country want Us dollars . The US is going to go broke and that’s as plain as the nose on your face and sure they will steal money from peoples bank accounts to prop up their Jewish banks and Wall St. So don’t wait for them to go broke get your money out of the Western banks and invest in good old brics and mortar.

  6. GJS says:

    We should run a sweep on how long this will last, just think of the ideology differences between India, China & Russia it’s inconceivable to think it would ever truly work for long.
    While the idea is strong & warranted the partnership is indifferent & awkward to say the least, it is never good for ordinary people when monopolies exist.

  7. janara says:

    end of the make-believe superpower. Bow.

  8. Leo says:

    America is losing their ass economically, the U.S. is broke because it created an American society that half its population relies on government hand outs and social and entitlement programs . its largest employer (Wal Mart) sells nothing but Chinese goods . Remember how the American people use to be the best educated people in the world ? not anymore . In addition to this the U.S. is about to forfeit the title of the Worlds number one economy to the Chinese . The Chinese are already surpassing the U.S. in Trade . America CANNNOT maintain the number position in the world with the current economic trends . If America CANNOT maintain the number economy it CANNOT maintain the number one military power . It takes a STRONG economy to maintain the military might of any nation especially the United States . The U.S is losing its number one position in the world and is running scared . The only asset America has left is its military, hence is the reason why we are seeing the U.S. military build up in the pacific basin . better use it while you can America . soon you will not be able to afford that once awesome now declining military . You should have cut the lazy freeloaders off the welfare rolls and did the deficit reduction as many through the years suggested . someone is in trouble and it is not China or North Korea . you guessed it, America . loving every minute of it .

    • mandy says:

      I think you may have read wrong somewhere, Americans, outside of America are typically thought of as stupid people, they know little about the rest of the world, they are arrogant and ignorant, they think guns and war is the answer to everything, and everybody in England knows the Queen oh and Scottish people talk good English? I think you will find England had the best education system at one point and typically English people are educated well, the little island owned 45 % of the world if not more at one point in history, is still sovereign over about 16 of those countries, in the last few years handed China its own airport back which UK built and ran, and the rest of the world adopted our law system…I could go on but the point being America, as far as Europe’s opinion goes, has never been known for being an educated country, a high percentage of Americans are illiterate that’s a fact.

      Some of what you say I agree with, but I don’t think you should tar the people on benefits/welfare that’s not fair, and its usually the ignorant arrogant people who blame those unfortunate, see how you would feel if you were to lose your job and find that no matter how much you try, you cant get another job, the only way to feed your family is to rely on the government (which is what they DO want) for some time until you can find a job, how helpless would you feel? Would you enjoy people blaming you for the economic failure of your country, when the real people to blame are the rich elite who ran the economy into the ground, used the peoples tax money to buy nice homes, holidays, wars, and companies like wal mart who dictate to the poor what they will eat at what price they fix… Really you ought to do some research because like they say ‘life is a game’ and you are all being played, by the very people who run the economy and your country.

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