Is This What Martial Law Will Look Like?


Dave Hodges


This is one of the most disturbing events I have ever covered. As I was learning abut the vicious arrest of Christina West, I could not help wondering if this isn’t what full scale martial law will look like when it is finally imposed on our country? Are these the type of police tactics which are being taught to local police departments as DHS completes the federalizing of local law enforcement? The undeniable answer to this question can be answered in the affirmative.
Is This What Martial Law Will Look Like
The end goal is to have the government consolidate control over all policing activities in the United States under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Through “terrorism grants“, the Department of Homeland Security started training the various police departments in the application of brutal arrest tactics and abusive crowd control. Further, DHS is providing local police with sophisticated military hardware equipment. The end result is that America has a new attitude towards police the public and the term, storm troopers, best describes most of our nation’s police forces. These practices are going on all over the United States, even in isolated rural areas where the chance of a terrorist attack was near zero.
This article takes a look at the arrest of Christina West as the poster child as to what a federalized police looks and acts like.
At the bottom of the page is a Tallahassee, FL. police video of a routine DUI arrest of Christina West. However, this arrest was unlike any I have ever seen.  Viewer discretion with regard to watching the video is advised because the video contains graphic language and content.
The city of Tallahassee is presently facing a lawsuit involving Christina West, a 44-year-old woman, who was subjected to extreme police brutality and unnecessary use of force by police officers during a standard DUI arrest. Readers should keep in mind that Christina West is 5’6″ and weighs 130 lbs. This is what Ms. West looked like when these thugs with a badge were done with her. 

Christina West, lucky to be alive.

Christina West, lucky to be alive.

I am not suggesting that Ms. West did not deserve to be arrested. However, I would challenge anyone except a cop filled with blind loyalty to the blue line, to not say that this is an egregious abuse of the public trust. The people’s trust of the Tallahassee police force has been violated and an incident like this should make every citizen, in every municipality, suspicious and frightened with regard to the degree of federalization that their local police department has undergone. Every person viewing the video of this vicious attack should make it clear to their local police department that we will not tolerate this type of storm trooper type of behavior from our local law enforcement.

Look at Christina West’s face and tell me how she was the one charged with felony assault on a police officer, but she was.

The city prosecutor has dropped all charges against Christina West except for the DUI. The city is investigating the conduct of the officers for possible legal action.

How well is the federalizing of our local going?

How well is the federalizing of our local police going?

The social value of showing the video outweighs the adult content because this video is a clear demonstration of how out of control our police agencies have become since going through federalization by the Department of Homeland Security. In short, the federalization of the local police by the Department Homeland Security essentially means that your local police have been trained to enforce martial law. And now we are getting a strong taste of what that martial law will look and feel like if and when the time comes.

Why do city police departments need armored personnel carriers? Why do city police departments need machine guns? Most of all, why does a city police department need tanks? Who are they planning on invading, the American people?

towns don't need tanks


Everyday in America, more and more policemen are taking their personal possession of a badge as a license to abuse citizens in ways which used to be reserved for the most totalitarian of societies. Now, the United States has become the epitome of a totalitarian society.

This video demonstrates the true meaning of the term “police state.”



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  1. doesntmatter says:

    you guys juuuuuuust don’t get it, eh? there will be no changing of police depts. o_o, there will be no chosen race to be spared, there will be no revolution of americans who do still have their little puny weapons, there will be no change for the better in this demonic society(or world) on account of lost and confused mankind….HOWEVER, if you need to sleep better at night, then by all means sell yourselves a couple of dreams…otherwise, you will have to accept this nightmare as the reality it is.

  2. 5 War Veteran says:

    Get used to it or become involved in your local police departments to make sure this does not happen.

  3. Archie1954 says:

    The police chief must resign or be replaced. It is not enough that the guilty officers be removed. The very fact that they thought they could get away with this brutality means the chief has not been doing his job!

  4. This is why I encourage everyone I meet to procure the most modern weapons they can, learn how to use them and work together to provide “backup” for one another. It’s not only the cops we have to deal with. It’s also the individual and group thugs like negros and mexicans that have stepped up their attacks on Whites recently. And have you noticed that the police and courts don’t seem to be doing to much about this epidemic? What would be a hate crime if a White did so to any of them, is just a simple crime the other way around.

    Learn to protect yourself in these situations. And don’t put yourself in a position like Ms. West to be trampled on by those thugs in blue.

    Study the concept of leaderless resistance too. You know, like Al-Quada and the Viet Cong. Two of the most successful groups to ever hold off and kick the asses of major world powers.

    • keeperofthefire /carlos furlong says:

      yo stan,your racist/programed mind is showing,loud and clear!!!enough of the “negros/mexicans” bull shit!!! you,stan are a big part of the problem,not the solution!!!!!!!!

      • 5 War Veteran says:

        Well, here in my home town there are more than 1000 illegals. 66% of the local prison population are illegals who committed violent crimes. 29% are repeat offenders. The percentages of race are obvious and with people like the president pushing a race war what should we expect?
        Now “trayvon Willians” get back at whitey crimes are now taking place what should we expect?

      • doesntmatter says:

        stan will more than likely not change, so leave that lost cause where he lay….

      • George says:

        I totally agree carlos , stan you need to put racism aside if your divided from your brown and black brothers u play into the hands of those who would imprison inslave or exterminate you .

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