Is War Over? — A Paradox Explained


We live in the most peaceful time in human history. Wait, what? Seriously? That can’t be right, there are more wars than ever! Well, no and they’re killing fewer …


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  1. D. E. M. O. CRAT.
    copy and paste to end war 4evur

  2. Humans Need war, over population will become a huge problem.

  3. Strange you all didn't mention nuclear weapons as a deterrent to a general war.

  4. FireReaper says:

    I don't get how is this the 21st century? it's 2016… or am i missing something?

  5. Nikita Riki says:

    Russians are not invading ucrain bruh…

  6. Indie Social says:

    Unless Trump is elected, we might have a ww3 very soon

  7. MrGentleman says:

    On the Czech flag, white is up and red down. Like Polish flag. In the video it's upside down. :D

  8. "Only the dead have seen the end of war" – Plato.
    And yes, the only reason I know that quote is from watching Black Hawk Down

  9. Cody Dale says:

    I liked how WWIII had a bucket of oil next to it. With the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, that animation seemed very appropriate.

  10. CounterBlade says:

    I think it's mainly because of the internet.

    With access to the internet one is around people with different cultures and religions, resulting in a decrease in patriotism and the start of globalization.

    Honestly, I would never go to war because I have don't care about countries or cultures, I don't favour my neighbours over people on the other side of the earth.

  11. I'm surprised that he didn't say much about M.A.D.

  12. Bullshit !
    Please tell me, how Belgium, a very small country with a low population at the time, could kill 10 millions congolesse?
    It is just impossible, even if they wanted to do it. Even Hitler didn't kill as many jews !
    Why British poeple blame Belgium so much for colonialism? How many poeple did they kill in Africa ?
    Ho, maybe we don't need to go that far, they killed MIlLIONS of Irish between 1845 and 1852!

    Sorry for bad english.

  13. This isnt right.

  14. Tony Midyett says:

    War is over!

    (If you want it.)

  15. kitsuna77 says:

    Its almost guaranteed we'll have a large war in the 21st century most large wars are caused by shortages of resources, changing ideologies, misunderstandings, or new ventures that may cause aggressive competition. Given our current path with the population increasing as much as it is and nearly 30 years of peace, its almost inevitable. Any number of shortages could cause a major war, food, water, fuel, and quite possibly land. Right now some area's are stressed but we can deal with it, and you are correct, it is currently cheaper to buy goods than take them by force, but what if the population was 10 billion? Water, food, and farmland for some of the big nations are becoming short. There's all this manpower just sitting around, hoping to ride out the storm and for governments to sort it out. Governments might decide at that point its cheaper to go to war, than it is to buy their way out of the issues, if they even could in the first place. there could even be global recession going on at the time when all the other issues break out.

    What this means is that if things stay relatively the same as they are now, no we shouldn't have any more big wars, there's no motivation for such things to happen, and governments are usually uninterested in such things. However its rare that things stay the same for humanity and any number of things can change this fragile moment of peace. One only has to look to history to see this pattern before.

    See after the Napoleonic wars, the nations of Europe created the Concert Of Europe to make sure such a large war never happened again, and for a long period of time it worked rather well, until a new large nation formed in the heart of Europe itself. Even then though, strong leaders with a commitment to never let the horrors of a European war happen again, it stayed together for a long time. But then newer leaders and new technologies entered the fray, and shortly after the great war was on. They too thought war would end.

    take of this as you will, but I'm almost certain we've not seen an end to war. We likely never will

  16. i was expecting it to be depressing but its amazingly happy

  17. 3:57 – Is the red company trading the TARDIS?

  18. I think we will never change as humans and we will always have war

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