The Official Steve Quayle Youtube Channel World War 3 interview was 7 hours, we split it into Part 1-5, here us the finale. 5 hours.


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  1. keep up the Grate work guys ?

  2. Good interview, despite the annoying echo.
    God Bless You!!!!!

  3. Awesome guys ??????????
    Keep the info coming

  4. Hey Steve could you ask Alex Jones if he is a Jesuit?

  5. Thank you for the Truth. You don't play games, yo don't sugarcoat it. I believe Jesus Christ is speaking through your Channel.

  6. This says part 6, but sounds like a reupload of part 5.

  7. Kat McC says:

    For them to believe a lie… will be that the anti-Christ is the savior and that you will have to worship him. Revelation 4 the church is taken home in the rapture. the church is not mentioned after chapter 4. not until Jesus Christ comes back to rule on earth.
    I love Steve Quayle but he is wrong on the rapture.

  8. Kat McC says:

    Revelation 3:10

    “Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.”

  9. John M says:


  10. Grafted In says:

    Was this from July 1st of this year? 2016?

  11. please i really think I asked a legit question! I do know your work how you do seem like you walk daily in the spirit..and in His protection. I like everyone else go toe to toe daily with where the real fight is and like you the only difference between us and the world is we recognize and equip ourselves to be overcomers and only hope we can stand in the end…now I was sloppy didnt mean to imply that you were one but do you know for sure that Alex is' nt a Jesuit? out of respect

  12. Drews VC`s says:

    you fucking idiot you take my video asshole. you said that my video was from you copyright fuck you asshole

  13. I love to listen. We don't want no ww111!!! Standing up for Jesus here & prayers???

  14. degamrio says:

    FANZILLA 414 GB brother Steve with prayers from on my knees.

  15. Sue Roman says:

    For in the last days iniquity abounds and the love of many shall wax cold…Now I know what that means.

  16. Why does Alex keep making the illuminati hand signal? (666)

  17. Truth Seaker says:


  18. OMG……out of nowhere just about a week ago, my conscious/spiritual side showed me an image of people having to choose good…or the bad side. And I was next seeing from POV, through my eyes…and I chose the good Side! And Steve is here talking about exactly what I was seeing….and NO this wasn't during a dream….I was fully awake

  19. I do not want WW3.
    I want Jesus to help me overcome my sins. I want the lord to teach me the truth!

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