Is World War 3 Here ?



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  1. If nukes start flying i hope they are aimed at israel, that area is just problems anyway…

  2. Ghostwriter says:

    You had my attention up to the point where you said the pre-tribulation rapture was fiction. Shame on you sir. I am a student at Liberty University, Biblical and Theological studies, in my second year and what you are preaching is false. I do not care what degrees you have or what experience you have, your false claims of having seen hell, etc. No One escapes from Hell once they go there and neither could you. I pray that you come to your senses and reprent before it is too late.

  3. Lane Smith says:

    Isaiah 47:15 when shtf the U. S. Will find it has no allies

  4. steve i liked you until you talked about your book I THANK STAN DEYEO BLOWS YOU OUT OF THE WATER!!! YOU WANT TO TALK DIFFERENCE%#)&@@&)!* you fig. it out!!

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