Is World War 3 Imminent?


Superpowers Positioning Their Nukes WW3 Facebook Page: Facebook Page:… Twitter: …


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  1. thank you n God bless

  2. yes, these lunatics will plunge the world into WWIII it seems. …..O horror.

  3. These people are insane and controlled by antichrist spirit. Just look into the eyes of this Army General. Do you see what I see? Time to make your decision and look up for we are about to leave out of here….one way or another.

  4. Selah says:

    I'll believe they have nukes when I see one imploded. That smoke and mirrors that they filmed in Nagasaki and Himoshima doesn't count!

  5. We will not make it to the elections I assure you.

  6. Russia can see the grand plan the U.S. and Israel have for the middle east.
    Putin jumping in is just what they want. He's playing right into their hands.
    It will be all too easy for a false flag attack and blame the other side.

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