Is World War 3 Imminent?


Will you be told when the button is pushed? Is the public privy to the real military technology? When is it time to start panic buying? Does anyone benefit from …


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  1. US military is at the lowest state of readiness since before WW2…..

  2. What is about ww3 and what talk about I don't see nothing special on tv and news? Nothing happen so drastic to have that feeling!

  3. John Smith says:

    i was following events but watching boris johnson british mp asking british public to protest outside russian embassy then saying british troops will attack russians in syria was a bit suprised. were not allowed firearms in uk this makes it harder to defend my family.

  4. Good video. Thoughtful as always. Thanks for the info on the RZA EMP series!

  5. It's odd too because Germany told their people to prepare to get food and water

  6. "Old timer preppers"?
    We were called "Survivalists" & prepped before prepping was cool.
    I enjoy your videos & appreciate your efforts.
    Liberty = Peace & I pray you always enjoy both!

  7. I agree. Thanks for presenting a rationale perspective while others are proclaiming we are on the brink of nuclear war. I also just posted a video about fear mongering regarding war with Russia. I did a little fact checking regarding the "Russian Government Officials Told To Immediately Bring Back Children Studying Abroad" article.

  8. The LynchMob says:

    Man…..well said brother. You lowered my BP by 20pts. Excellent analysis of the whole situation vs the fearmongering. Keep up the good work.

  9. Hanz Niigaki says:

    But the Anonymous knows everything and the people needs them for the truth & information.

  10. Joe Peake says:

    Maybe people like Obama and Hillary Clinton should stop bad mouthing Russia, that would probably calm people down.

  11. Joe Peake says:

    Maybe people like Obama and Hillary Clinton should stop bad mouthing Russia, that would probably calm people down.

  12. Anthony Hole says:

    We wouldn't know about it till one landed in our cities. Then its too late.

  13. I agree with pastor joe fox over at VikingPreparedness  he said when you look at all the data points as a whole, it shows that Russia is preparing for war with the west.

  14. steve w says:

    I agree the odds are slim of a war. However the last thing that goes through a victim's mind, other than a bullet, is "this can't be happening to me." Oh yes it can.

  15. you look like mma star.first rule of prepping you got n that is good health

  16. echowit says:

    Thanx! This was needed. A lot of uploads by a lot of video makers are useful and beneficial — this one was needed.

  17. Adam Madge says:

    show us some demo prep like food and water. I'm new to the preparedness world. I do a lot of long canoe trips and light weight backpacking so I feel like I have a head start but no idea how to get my home ready.

  18. The thing that really gets me upset about all the scaremongering isn't the confusion of skepticism with blind faith, education with reading blogs, research with google searches…although all of those things are disturbing trends that show how we haven't improved much since P.T. Barnum's famous line about a sucker being born every minute…

    The thing that really gets me upset is how every time someone shares a post or video about this bullshit, ammo prices go up to even more ridiculous levels.

    The inflation of ammo prices to absurd levels is directly caused by scaremongering among preppers, much to the pleasure of manufacturers.

  19. I've never been concerned about an intentional nuclear exchange I'm concerned with a exchange that happens unintentionally or one that is the result of one side poking the bear one to many times. I seriously doubt anyone will actually launch ICBMs and even if they did I'm not naive enough to believe there are no secret countermeasures to ICBMs. The only nuclear war I believe we will ever see is one involving only tactical nukes.

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