ISIS and World War 3;Ray Sipe;Comedy;Parody


Ray Sipe:Vine=107 million loops;12 million Youtube views;#raysipe;Comedy;Parody;instagram=raysipeladygaga;8126 followers;;facebook=raymond sipe=3208 …


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  1. Chara says:

    Ray Sipe Expansion for the next World War III themed game?

  2. gam ma says:

    da nazissssss

  3. With Ray and the ODF protecting us we will never be in danger.

  4. Vlankton says:

    Yeah but fuck poland

  5. interesting that the name is still intact after you destroyed the plate…

  6. ReboT says:

    Why are so many Americans scared of ISIS? It haven't been any ISIS attacks in the us, and it's not like they are pointing a gun and are ready to shoot any minute.

  7. Xiefux says:

    my african american ray

  8. i'm not sure, but I think the plate was already broken

  9. SuperAWaC says:

    ray you need to become captain america

  10. Ray please stop being islamophobic

  11. My Smile says:

    ISIS needs to stop.

  12. Vyktar says:


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